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How to keep love feeling fresh

So I've been with my boyfriend for a year & now when I see him its kinda like "hey again," instead of getting excited and feeling all the butterflies... Show More

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  • First off, that new and intense honeymoon phase is supposed to evolve into something deeper and more meaningful. I'm not saying passion dies by any means. Make sure you both are still maintaining a healthy individual life so that you can both bring something to the table. As far as passion goes, talk about it. I am sure you both have things that you could do that are new and exciting but haven't brought them into light. Make sense?

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  • One word! Communication. You have to build that closeness and intimacy, and sustain it. Communication helps do this! Talk about anything and everything. Be best friends in addition to lovers!

  • How frequent you see each other? Might be too much time with each other and not enough with your friends. People get tired of most anything when it's always there.

    Start some new hobby or thing. Guessing y'all ain't sky-dived or gone rafting - something in left field would be new and fun.

  • If you "definitely still love him and wouldn't trade him for the world," then don't worry if your relationship is starting to show signs of its age. But if you're getting bored with him, you should talk to him about how you feel.

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