First love, do we really ever get over them?

I want to know if you've ever gotten over your first love?

If not what can they do to get you over them?

How long have you been holding that love for them?

When do you think it will ever stop?

To everybody say that they'll have a special place in their heart. Will that place still be there if you felt they fucked you over?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, I got over it eventually, but things were never really the same. I still believe in love, but I'm much more practical about it.

    As far as what they can do, there's not much, you'll have to get over it yourself. It just takes time. Al of my breakups have been nasty, so in the long run that actually helped me get over it.

    I held on to the hope that I'd get back together with her for about about 6 months, but then I remembered all the messed up things she did that I had swept under the rug.

    Time heals all wounds, you'll sometimes pick up some scars along the way, but life goes on.


What Girls Said 5

  • my first love will always have a special place

  • We get over them eventually. But getting over them and never forgetting them are two different things.

    I am over my first love, But I'll never forget him I'll always have that place in my heart for him.

  • i really don't know. I have a new boyfriend who I love, but there are plenty of times I find myself thinking about my first love and the boy I lost my virginity too. I miss him a lot on occasions and I just wish I could forget about him...its been almost a year and I love my new boyfriend so I don't really get it.

  • I have been in love with my first love for about 7 years or so. Sometimes, after I go for an extended period of time without seeing him, I think that I feel differently but everything comes back when I see him again. I won't be able to stop thinking about him for days. I still dream about him frequently. He took my virginity and was basically my first everything.

    I think it really varies in accordance with how passionate both people are and whether or not they were both in love with one another. When two people are equally in love, the sex is much different and difficult to forget. Personally, no one I've met holds a candle to my first love. I never dated anyone after being involved with him. He doesn't care about his appearance much anymore and I grew up to be a little more attractive than when we were involved. In other words, I'm approached by good looking men very frequently. I can have whoever I want and it makes me really sad because I only want him.

    If your case is anything like mine than good luck. You can convince yourself that things are different and you can distract yourself with other people but at the end of the night, you'd always rather be with them.

  • For me, it took finding someone else. I realized that the deep love I have for them doesn't even come close to the love I felt for my first.


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  • It has been 5 years for me.. I had asked her out, had been rejected.. it has been over 20 months since I last saw her, but I still remember her voice as clear as crystal.. But I am not under any depression or so, I am a happy man with lot of female friends to flirt around.. so I have logically speaking 'gotten over her'. But still, after going to bed.. her thoughts fill my mind.. Even I am wondering when it will end.

  • Update: No. Then they are the equivalent of dick grease...on a rhino.

  • Depends on how you broke up. Or how "you left things" between the two of you.

  • Yeah, you do. Maybe you don't "forget" but you get over the shit. It's easier when you're not telling yourself "I never will" though.

    • I imagine that they will keep that space for them. After all, your memories are crap, and you manufacture half of them and augment the other half. So you might remember how much of a dick they were but even then you'll "soften" it in their favor because they are special and shit.

  • There will always be a part of them you still miss or think about but for the most part over time you find someone else and you fill the void that was left behind