First love, do we really ever get over them?

I want to know if you've ever gotten over your first love?

If not what can they do to get you over them?

How long have you been holding that love for them?

When do you think it will ever stop?

To everybody say that they'll have a special place in their heart. Will that place still be there if you felt they fucked you over?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, I got over it eventually, but things were never really the same. I still believe in love, but I'm much more practical about it.

    As far as what they can do, there's not much, you'll have to get over it yourself. It just takes time. Al of my breakups have been nasty, so in the long run that actually helped me get over it.

    I held on to the hope that I'd get back together with her for about about 6 months, but then I remembered all the messed up things she did that I had swept under the rug.

    Time heals all wounds, you'll sometimes pick up some scars along the way, but life goes on.