Is my neighbor interested in me?

Long story short, I'm an au pair and have been staying with a new family for three weeks now. Our next door neighbors is a family of two brothers, both close to my age but just slightly older. They are really nice (sometimes they play with my host kids and they love them), the older one is gorgeous and they often have a lot of friends over. They seem like a great bunch of guys, and especially the older one always makes the extra effort to say hello, bye and he smiles at me a lot.

A few days ago, we had a small gathering in the house, they were invited but could only stay for an hour and a half. They talked a little to me, but not much. I noticed the older one was looking at me when he thought I didn't see. However, as they left, the younger one gave me a hug and said bye, the older one didn't give me a hug... My host mum said she noticed they were VERY shy around me for some reason.

Since I don't know a lot of people here (well not anyone at all), I would love to get to know these guys as they live next door, they seem to be great guys and I would love to be friends with them as I have a loooooot of free time. What should I do to well, be friends with them? I don't see them very often though (only hear them through my window haha). And is it possible that the older one could have a slight interest in me?


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  • hey dear... it depends... same thing happened to me in the last turns out that the younger had feelings 4 me bt he turned out to be a flirt... cannot trust dis guys... only I can say is it depends and take your decision wisely... till then... cheers...


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  • Yes, both guys could be interested in you. Maybe ask them next time you see them if they want to hang out. They are VERY shy around you for some reason? That reason is more likely that you're very attractive. You have the upper hand on these guys, it sounds like.


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  • It depends, but it does kinda seem he is interested in you. good luck!

  • it de3pends I think he is interseted! good luckk!