Do you like horses? I LOVE HORSES!

I know a great website for horse lovers like myself.

I'd post the link to the website, but apparently: "You have to be Xper Level 4+ to have a link in your post."
I like all kinds of horses.
I like horses

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  • I like horses, yes. I've owned horses my entire life and the thought of being without one makes me sad lol.

    • I have the same profile pic and screen name on there too!

    • We should all be friends on that forum.

    • I am too!

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  • horses smell bad I do not like them

    • yep we do

    • Well that is cool man we all have different passions and hobbies in life

    • I like their smell. I like horses

  • I guess I would have nothing against the odd piece of horse meat on my plate if I wouldn't be a veggie

  • Lol so random yet I love the qstn!

    • oh yeah I forgot! lol! Yes I do love em horses!

    • But you didn't answer it!Do you like horses?I like horses!

  • Horses are scary. Beautiful, but scary.

    • No. It's their size. And they look kinda weird too.

    • No she's scared because they are unpredictable like any other animal - including humans.The fact that they are big and can kill doesn't help.

    • Why are they scary> are you scared of their size?

  • Yes I've been an equestrian ever since I was like 3. I do a lot of training right now and will start getting into competing in the future

  • YES. Horses are my favourite animals. They're amazing. I've never ridden on one before, though. I'd love to see feral/wild horses in real life, running around freely and beautifully... :-)

    • Noted! :)

    • oh. well if you ever go there someday, you should check it out.

    • Cool! I don't live in the US, though. :(

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  • i like horses. haven't ridden a horse since I was 12. my best friend and her sisters had horses and they let me ride with them. it was so fun, especially bareback.

    • I LOVE riding horses bareback!1!111!111!

  • I like horses

    • I like horses

    • me 2

  • I love horses. Here's a picture of me riding my first horse Jasper (paint/arabian) link And here's me riding my fat mare Bliss (draft/arabian) link Sadly I don't own them anymore. Riding is an expensive hobby. :(

  • Why are you asking this? I feel like I'm missing the point...,.

    • its because I like horses

  • Yup am born in year of horse too :)

  • Yup, horses are awesome. I took riding lessons once a week one summer. It was pretty cool.

  • I have a horse! :)And yes, I like horses :)

    • That's awesome!

    • He's a grade horse. His owners still have a few of his relatives so I could always get in touch with them and find out but he would probably still be a grade then. He is a beautiful buckskin, comes to you like a dog and calls for a bucket of sweet feed :)

    • what kind of horse do you have?

  • I love them..I took lessons for about 8 years hunter jumper, I miss it.

  • I love horses, Clydesdale's are awesome.

  • Yes I do

  • I like them but I'm scared of them, they are intimidating to me simply by the size (most of them) I just am not used to them but they are lovely animals.

    • Yeah their size is quite intimidating. They're much bigger than me, that's why I like em lol.

  • Horses are awesome

  • I hate horses haha

    • I'm scared of them too haha yeah

    • Are you intimidated by the size of horses?

    • I'm severely allergic to them and can't go near them and I just don't get any joy out of being around them. I prefer small animals like kittens rabbits and hamsters :) I'm allergic to them too though.

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  • nope I have no obsession for horses, they are nice from a distance is all I can say, they require a lot of space and $$$ to own them

  • Arabian horses yes - their supposed to be quite healthy whatever - but my fav animal is a giraffe.

    • ikr - they are so cute and vulnerable

    • giraffes are kinda like horses with super-long necks!

  • Yeah I love horses

    • Me too!

  • I think horses are beautiful, but I think I'm scared of them. I don't know why, but when I saw a horse in real life, I was pretty scared. But I think horses are one of those animals with beautiful eyes

    • I love horses

  • They're beautiful animals, but not necessarily my favorite.

    • Tigers and orcas are pretty. Turtles are cool but kinda mean (I had one as a pet and it used to bite me in inappropriate places all the time).but I like horses.

    • I love tigers, orcas, and turtles.

    • What's your favorite animal?I love horses,.

  • Last time I went horse back riding I fell and ended up in an ambulance rushed to the ER... Fun times

    • Lol maybe some day

    • You should give them another chance. But this time ride in a controlled environment so you don't repeat that episode. :)

    • Lol well I haven't been around one ever since. I don't know how I feel about them

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What Guys Said 13

  • They are very majestic animals; but I tend to like the icelandic horses better since they are smaller (like ponies in size)

  • Horse c0cks are scary big

  • I'm extremely scared of horses I can't be in the same vicinity as them or I just tremble in fear.My mum got kicked by a horse and lost broke her hip when I was 5 and after seeing it happen I never want to be near those things again.

    • Yeah definitely. I'm 6"4 myself so I'm not shorty. But it's mostly because horses are very unpredictable.

    • Are you scared of their size too?

    • I can't post links, I don't have snuff XP yet

  • im not a fan of horses...

    • i could tell ;D

    • thats a shameI like horses

  • you sound like a npc from a pokemon game lol.don't worry though, it feels nostalgic xD

    • i like horses

  • I like ponies.

    • ponies are nice too.i like ponies and horses

  • I love horses!

  • I'm kinda glad you can't post a link. I think I've had too much internet.

  • I love horses - with french fries and herb butter.Seriously, I had two horses, was cheated twice (even though an expert even had a look at the second one), so: never again. They're beautiful, I love to ride, but I will never buy one on my own anymore.

    • Health, both times... Both had problems with their legs (I don't know if "navicular syndrome" is the right word in English) which you wouldn't see, even as an expert, at the time I bought it. Then about two or three years later it started to get that bad, that riding became impossible and both horses had to be put to sleep :/

    • How were you cheated? Price or health of the animal?

  • No..

  • Are horses gay?

  • I love horse racing as my profile pic showsBIG BROWWWWWWWWWWWWN

    • i like race horses