Do you like horses? I LOVE HORSES!

I know a great website for horse lovers like myself.

I'd post the link to the website, but apparently: "You have to be Xper Level 4+ to have a link in your post."

I like all kinds of horses.
I like horses


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  • I like horses, yes. I've owned horses my entire life and the thought of being without one makes me sad lol.


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    • We should all be friends on that forum.

    • I have the same profile pic and screen name on there too!

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  • Arabian horses yes - their supposed to be quite healthy whatever - but my fav animal is a giraffe.

    • giraffes are kinda like horses with super-long necks!

    • ikr - they are so cute and vulnerable

  • i like horses. haven't ridden a horse since I was 12. my best friend and her sisters had horses and they let me ride with them. it was so fun, especially bareback.

    • I LOVE riding horses bareback!1!111!111!

  • I love horses. Here's a picture of me riding my first horse Jasper (paint/arabian) link And here's me riding my fat mare Bliss (draft/arabian) link

    Sadly I don't own them anymore. Riding is an expensive hobby. :(

  • Horses are scary. Beautiful, but scary.

    • Why are they scary> are you scared of their size?

    • No she's scared because they are unpredictable like any other animal - including humans.

      The fact that they are big and can kill doesn't help.

    • No. It's their size. And they look kinda weird too.

  • I have a horse! :)

    And yes, I like horses :)

    • what kind of horse do you have?

    • He's a grade horse. His owners still have a few of his relatives so I could always get in touch with them and find out but he would probably still be a grade then.

      He is a beautiful buckskin, comes to you like a dog and calls for a bucket of sweet feed :)

    • That's awesome!

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  • I'm kinda glad you can't post a link. I think I've had too much internet.

  • I love horse racing as my profile pic shows


  • I'm extremely scared of horses I can't be in the same vicinity as them or I just tremble in fear.

    My mum got kicked by a horse and lost broke her hip when I was 5 and after seeing it happen I never want to be near those things again.

    • Are you scared of their size too?

    • Yeah definitely. I'm 6"4 myself so I'm not shorty.

      But it's mostly because horses are very unpredictable.

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    • I can't post links, I don't have snuff XP yet

  • im not a fan of horses...

    • thats a shame

      I like horses

    • i could tell ;D

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