Should I dump my boyfriend who is obsessed with my farts?

my boyfriend is obsessed with my farts,

i find it weird. should I dump him?

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i feel I can't dump him because once when I went on holiday I forgot 2 call him because I was really busy and tired at the end of the day. when I came back his mum kept on glaring at me( I don't have enough characters left so I'll continue in next update
and told me in private that her son hadn't got any sleep and

had been crying all the time I didn't call. she made me feel

really bad. I'm worried that he won't b able 2 survive if I dump



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  • What do you mean? How obsessed is he?

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      He wants me 2 fart all the time and if I go on holiday he wants me to call

      him and fart into the phone.

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      If you don't find it uncomfortable..then why are you even asking us this question? BTW, this whole thing is just really really weird.

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      I just think that he is really strange and I'm worried that he will have other problems