Should I dump my boyfriend who is obsessed with my farts?

my boyfriend is obsessed with my farts,

i find it weird. should I dump him?

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  • I shouldn't dump him
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i feel I can't dump him because once when I went on holiday I forgot 2 call him because I was really busy and tired at the end of the day. when I came back his mum kept on glaring at me( I don't have enough characters left so I'll continue in next update
and told me in private that her son hadn't got any sleep and

had been crying all the time I didn't call. she made me feel

really bad. I'm worried that he won't b able 2 survive if I dump



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  • What do you mean? How obsessed is he?

    • He wants me 2 fart all the time and if I go on holiday he wants me to call

      him and fart into the phone.

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    • If you don't find it uncomfortable..then why are you even asking us this question? BTW, this whole thing is just really really weird.

    • I just think that he is really strange and I'm worried that he will have other problems

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  • Wow. Uh ya..

  • Maybe tell him to do something for you first before you do it? lol yeah this is pretty weird. I won't say dump him yet, but try to talk about it with him and see if there really is something really bad going on psychologically. If there is see if you can help him, if he refuses help, dump him. This is all assuming that you love him of course, if you are not that into him yet, you should probably dump him before you get too involved.

  • Don't dump him omg!! That's a fetish, if he loves something disgusting about you it means he likes everything about you!!! Even your farts. Don't dump him

  • He just likes girls farting like me. I mean not all the time and every day but when a girl farts it turns me on :)

  • i think it depends if you love him. I've got a fart fetish myself which I know is a bit weird but there are much worse fetishes out there! he does seem a bit needy though so I would say if you have strong feelings for him then talk to him and see how it goes.

  • I thought all guys liked girl's farts? I personally get turned on when a hot girl lets out a juicy hot fart and the worse it smells the better. You defenetly shouldn't dump him.

  • Yes.

    • Why do you think that?

    • Because creepy fetishes like that are usually a sign of a deeper psychological problem.

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  • w
    did I just read lol.

    Having a fetish is ok but being obsessed with something isn't. There's no way in the world I could ever accompany a guy with that fetish though. I get grossed out too easily lol.

  • Umm, yea. HE WILL BE FINE! He is mentally unstable. Dump him, because his whining and crying are being used to control you.

  • How bad is the obsession? Is he mentally 'O.K.'?

    • Its pretty bad. he told me he couldn't survive a week without my farts

    • Creeper...

  • lol this is the oddest question I've ever read... first off what do you mean 'obsessed with my farts?' and second, how do you have even balls to even fart in front of a guy?

    • He always wants me 2 fart and told me he couldn't survive a week without my farts.

      i accidentally farted in front of him once and he wanted me 2 fart all the time and

      said that I should fart more often. I guess that gave me the confidence 2 fart around him.

  • That must be one hell of a life changing conflict you have there. Real mature.

  • Yeah people with creepy fetishes usually have other problems so you might wanna end that.

  • I would say yes just because if it was me I would feel so awkward all the time. Its kinda a crazy thing to be into, huh?

    • Yeah I do feel kind of akward

    • Maybe try talking with him to try and figure out why exactly it's fart he is into. If you really like him and wanna try and save the relationship then I think that's the best way to go. But if that doesn't work I would say get out of there before it get to awkward to handle anymore.

    • I don't like him that much anymore. its like he doesn't

      like me. he just likes my farts but I'm worried that if I dump

      him he won't b able 2 survive