Should I send flowers to my ex on Valentine's day?

After she broke up with me, we fought a lot to the point where she literally HATES me now. Both of us were wrong for our respective reasons but she hates my guts and thinks I'm the scum of the earth. Would it be a nice gesture to send her flowers for Valentine's as sort of a peace offering? I don't intend to get back with her but I do care about her and lost a really good friend that I want back.


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  • I would probably throw any flowers from my ex boyfriend into a fire.

    there is really nothing more sincere than face to face talk.

    and if you don't want to get back with her, don't bother her.

    hate is part of the grieving process. you hurt her, she hurt you. break up's suck. be respectful.

    if it's been recent, she is trying to recover. I feel, and not to promote gender bias, but girls take longer to heal. I will pretend I am strong but I'm human. and I would appreciate space.

    if he's respectful (ex), come and apologize. but don't waste others time with odd gestures


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  • No. Flowers are a romantic gesture and sending them on the most romantic day of the year would indicate you still had feelings for her and want to try again. If you want to be friends, take it slowly. After a bad break up, it may be hard to be friends, but talking is usually the best route to that place again.

  • I would not do it on Valentine's day. Do something else for her that's nice - like shovelling her drive way or buying her something she can't get on her own but not on Valentine's day.

  • No! If you really really want to...send her a text..

    but do NOT do anything on Valentines day nor the week of Valentine's day. If anything...two weeks after Valentine's day.

  • Of course not! If you don't want a relationship with her any more then don't do something people do in relationships - flowers signify love and romance especially on Valentine's day. Apologize before or after Valentine's day and honestly if I ended a relationship badly with a guy I wouldn't want to be friends. Just sayin'.

  • No way. Just apologise but not on v day

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  • Do not do that, dude. Cut your losses and move on.

  • I'd think of it as a waste of effort and money. And like the other girls say, don't do it on Valentine's day. A peace offering can also e done with words, if you truly want to try it.

  • Definitely not.

    Avoid anything for a while. When you've both moved on enough, maybe reach out and be civil. Right now, especially doing something on Valentine's day, will probably just mess things up more and you'll wind up wasting money on nothing

  • NO for the love of manhood (YOURS) do NOT do this. She broke up with you, so that means in girl language she doesn't want anything to do with you. There is no secret hidden emotion that will magically have her melt of flowers or any other gesture coming from you.

    Sounds harsh but you are in desperate mode and dramatic intervention time is needed to slap you into reality.

    You need to move on and erase this chic from your skull ASAP. You need to realize that that friendship is too far gone now. Men and women cannot be friends it is proven by too many broken hearts through out history. You are not the first nor the last to realize this but YOU do need to realize it as fact !

    And Jack the fact is it's is over and she has moved on without you ..

    Sad I know but focus your energy and save your flower money for someone more deserving than a woman that left you with the pain you have right this moment.