Should I send flowers to my ex on Valentine's day?

After she broke up with me, we fought a lot to the point where she literally HATES me now. Both of us were wrong for our respective reasons but she hates my guts and thinks I'm the scum of the earth. Would it be a nice gesture to send her flowers for Valentine's as sort of a peace offering? I don't intend to get back with her but I do care about her and lost a really good friend that I want back.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would probably throw any flowers from my ex boyfriend into a fire.

    there is really nothing more sincere than face to face talk.

    and if you don't want to get back with her, don't bother her.

    hate is part of the grieving process. you hurt her, she hurt you. break up's suck. be respectful.

    if it's been recent, she is trying to recover. I feel, and not to promote gender bias, but girls take longer to heal. I will pretend I am strong but I'm human. and I would appreciate space.

    if he's respectful (ex), come and apologize. but don't waste others time with odd gestures