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Single people: What will you do this Valentine's Day?

Just wondering. I'm single myself and was planning on going to a bar and seeing if there are other single girls there that are sad and lonely. You... Show More

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  • Whatever I feel like. :)

    I got dumped this summer, so this is my first Valentine's Day single for a few years. That makes me a bit sad, but oh well. The good thing about being single is you can go out if you want and you can stay at home and read an entire book if you want. You can cook a fancy meal without someone eating all the good parts or you can veg out with some takeout. You can get hammered and flirt with everyone or you can play video games in sweatpants. Being single isn't so bad.

What Girls Said 5

  • Well in the morning, I'm scheduled to give a 70 year old woman a bath. After that, who knows haha. I'll probably stay home watching chick flicks.

  • What I will be doing Valentine's Day: A f**king 12 hr shift at work, and kind of hating my job right now.

  • I will be at work and people asking so why don't you have a valentine ? hate when I get asked that lol

  • NBA All Star Weekend... Hello! Basketball, Food and Naps!

    I have plans to go on dates this weekend though. Yes, multiple dates. Lol.

What Guys Said 4

  • Video games & chocolate...

  • I'm going to make a sniper's roost on the top of my house and start shooting every couple I see.

  • "What will you do this Valentine's Day?"

    Hookers and blow.

  • I'll probably be picking my nose and sending this card to all girls that have been so fortunate to know me : link



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