Is it alright to marry a guy younger 3 or 4 years than a girl? How about 8 years younger?

I'm really desperate to know the answer accordingly. Would appreciate anyone out there could provide advise on this matter towards me.


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  • When I was 22 I met a 30 year old woman that simply was amazing. We got along great, and as much as I wanted to date her, she said it wouldn't work out because supposedly I hadn't experience enough women to see what I really wanted. Now, I don't know if that was her excuse to get rid of me, but looking back at the situation, she was somewhat right. So with that I mind, I would say that it really depends on the guy and his life experience. If he really thinks that he is ready for marriage with an older woman, then it shouldn't be a problem. However, I would be hesitant to say that most guys in their early 20's know what they really want, but that is not to say that there are some out there that are very mature for their young age.

    • So, that means you are agree for a younger guy to married woman, as long as he has mature thinking. I am curious that why man like older woman?

    • Yes, if the guy is ready and he is sure about what he wants, why not? At the time I liked older women because I found their mentality fascinating; granted I had just come out of college and many girls just wanted to get drunk and had no life backbone

    • My relatives and friends would be impressed about the fact that if the guy is not even thirty yet and he bring home six figures. What is your comment about this matter?

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  • I think it depends on when this age gap is occurring. If you are 20 and he is 4 years younger, then I think it is a much bigger deal than if you are 30 and he is 4 (or 8) years younger than you. It really depends on what sort of life circumstances you two are going through and how mature he is. I think it is possible for everything to work out well between you if you are compatible personalities and if you are both comfortable with the age difference. Personally, I think age is rather unimportant since it's not like you can choose when you were born. :)

  • As long as the two people involved are consenting adults and love each other enough to make the decision to marry NO ONE should try to interfere with that! Age ain't nothing but a number!

    • As far as I concerned was my family member would not agreed in this kind of relationship. Esp when a guy who was 8 years younger than me.

  • Maybe not 3 or 4 younger since guys are always already a little less mature than girls but definitely not 8 years. That's too long because the girl already has acquired so much growth, strength, and wisdom than the guy in question.

  • I'm 28 and I dated a guy who is younger than me 4 years . Now after 6 months of relationship I feel like I can never live without him any more . I feel he also has the same feeling . We don't have any probs . The only prob is what other people around us will think about this . As am a very sensitive girl and I can never tolerate negative comments from others . I wish this joy lasts for ever :)

  • Age should not matter as long as you are marrying for love.

  • My mom is 8 years older than my father and they love each other so I think it's ok

  • My mother is seven years older than my father. They met when my mother was 32 and my father was 25, married 2 years later, and are still married 47 years later.

    It can work! Good luck!