Why don't women like their picture taken?

Today I was talking to a girl and asked her about getting a picture of her. She said she didn't like pictures, and didn't have any. That brought something to mind. My girlfriend says pretty much the same thing to me; that she doesn't have any new pictures, doesn't like to take pictures, and has to be in the right mood to take them, etc. Is this a female thing? If so why? Ladies, what's up with disliking having your picture taken? And guys, do your girls tell you this, too?


Most Helpful Guy

  • GOOD QUESTION! I hate it! I'm into photography and when I'm dating a girl I think she is the most beautiful creature in the world! So I want to take her picture but, she always get pissed off and is like, "no no don't take my picture."

    I understand that people look bad in pictures from time to time but as a photographer you know that for every 100 pictures you take maybe 1 will be so beautiful and perfect that it makes it easy to delete the other 99. And it kills me when someone I think is so beautiful hates the way they look. I JUST WANT TO SMASH MY FACE WITH A HOT FRYING PAN AND SAY "LOOK NOW WE CAN TAKE A PICTURE!"