Why don't women like their picture taken?

Today I was talking to a girl and asked her about getting a picture of her. She said she didn't like pictures, and didn't have any. That brought something to mind. My girlfriend says pretty much the same thing to me; that she doesn't have any new pictures, doesn't like to take pictures, and has to be in the right mood to take them, etc. Is this a female thing? If so why? Ladies, what's up with disliking having your picture taken? And guys, do your girls tell you this, too?


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  • GOOD QUESTION! I hate it! I'm into photography and when I'm dating a girl I think she is the most beautiful creature in the world! So I want to take her picture but, she always get pissed off and is like, "no no don't take my picture."

    I understand that people look bad in pictures from time to time but as a photographer you know that for every 100 pictures you take maybe 1 will be so beautiful and perfect that it makes it easy to delete the other 99. And it kills me when someone I think is so beautiful hates the way they look. I JUST WANT TO SMASH MY FACE WITH A HOT FRYING PAN AND SAY "LOOK NOW WE CAN TAKE A PICTURE!"


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  • Ha! You crack me up. I don't like my picture taken because I never think it looks right. I don't think I am ugly at all. Maddy is wrong. So, for me it's just a matter of a bad picture. I always look like I am on crack in my pictures. Lol. I have really white teeth and I have big brown eyes, and in pictures I literally look like I am on crack! So that is my reason silly!

  • I don't like taking picture either. I barely have any new pictures of myself.

    The reason why I don't like to take pictures is because I'm not photogenic and I don't end up taking any good pictures, in other words I feel like I don't look good in pictures. I don't feel like I'm ugly or anything. I just take bad pictures.

  • Because we don't like how we look in them. That is why most of us don't like our picture taken.

  • I love my picture taken. But maybe girls just don't want it done unless its by them with their control of the camera. Because I wouldn't want my pictures for ex. Put all over the internet, even if it was just my face. Someone could be pretending to be me or say things that aren't true with a proven identification of me ( the picture) I don't know why some girls don't like pictures, but I know me and my girlfriends love to take pictures of memories and just good times.

  • I don't think this is always true - I think it depends on the person. I've known LOTS of girls that love having their picture taken. So, it depends. I've also known guys that hate their picture taken. To me, this isn't something you can categorize as being a "women" trait - this is just something that affects people - guys & girls - and it's a personal preference. Some like pictures, some don't. The reason? I'm sure they vary from person to person.

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  • If they look / feel like crap, they won't want their picture taken.

    Like, if you owned a geo metro. Would you want a picture to remind you of it?

    Another analogy is if you owned an NSX that was dirty and had tree sap on it.

    You'd want to wait until you had a nice car or when it looks great before you take a picture (given you are a car guy).

  • Hmm, that's kinda odd - every girl I've been with loved to have her picture taken by me or with me - maybe girls that think little of themselves don't like them - I usually avoid girls with low self esteem, so perhaps that explains it in my case. I also seem to always run into a lot of camera/fashion/model minded folks - are they the good looking people - absolutely, but really is more attitude and personal style - look at Hollywood movies - they love to take a pretty girl, make her look as unattractive as possible, so they can show her blossoming into beauty later on in the film.


    • I agree. Most women shouldn't mind getting their picture taken, because they look fabulous! My girlfriend is a good example. She is very pretty, and looks great in her pictures, but its like grim death getting her ti take any. Look at the one on my profile. You would swear it was torture for her to take that pic! (LOL)

  • They are afraid that the picture will turn out badly. And its an upside to a girlfriend, so guys don't see their picture and track em down and hit on em