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Ok I need help with something, My boyfriend likes to wear adult diapers as a security

I think its disgusting, he wants me to accept them and let him wear them, but I told him no. what should I do? I love him soo much!

is it weird? should I go along with it?
he likes to wear them at night, so he doesn't have to clean up if he has an accident, that's what he says, cause sometimes he sleeps so heavy he doesn't wake up if he needs to go or has a wet dream.
i think I should be tight because I have never fingered or used a tampon
oops wrong q

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  • Did you know that it's quite common for people in Japan to wear these? Especially those who commute to their jobs via train? I'm not trying to defend your boyfriend here, but the difference is that these people are in a stress overload, crowded with people and it probably takes a while to get to work. Your boyfriend on the other hand, is just using it for a "leak free" night. He should be talking to his doctor if he has prostrate problems rather than wearing an adult diaper.

  • Jerking off once every 2 weeks will eliminate wet dreams. And don't let him drink anything 2 hours before bed and make sure he goes potty right before he goes to sleep. If he wants to claim that he is not potty trained, then treat him like a toddler.

  • Are you sure it's not a diaper fetish? If he needs to wear them because he really has accidents, there's not much you can do about it unless you want him to wake up in a wet bed. It's not the worst thing in the world.

  • I live a perfectly normal life. I cook clean run my own business have great friends my life is awesome. I just like to wear diapers. There is nothing wrong with it try it thank of the benefits if you enjoy wearing diapers. No more Having to use port a pots those things are terrible and smell horrible at the movies got pee no need to get up just wet you diaper long road trips just wet your diaper. They truly can be a life saver.

  • i wear diapers all the time you should be down to support ur man because if you don't I'm sure he will find a chick who will

  • I'm sorry but I bursted out laughing upon reading the title.

  • Chicks dig dues who wear diapers. Fact.

    • But I really don't "dig it"

    • Are you serious :L

  • Very dependant on what the problem is, just let him do what he wants to do-------you're entitled to think what you want obviously, anyway, good luck~

  • Pretty sure he has a diaper fetish, and he's too embarrassed to fully open up about it. I had one myself until i was a teenager, and i just sort of grew out of it.
    I feel bad for both of you. He can't help what he's into, but it's totally understandable that you'd be weirded out by it.

  • Simply stated: Those who mind...Shouldn't matter...As those that matter, will never mind.

    This is not a fetish, it's a coping mechanism. Why? Because if you did a little research, you'll probably find that most people with this desire, had or developed it long before reaching puberty or becoming sexually 'aware'. Typically, it's associated with some type of serious childhood trauma that may not even be remembered. It's like this: A small child becomes, in some way, traumatized by events that have taken place within their own home or surroundings. Keeping in mind that children have a tendency to live in a world of fantasy, make believe and imagination; imagine a child who sees the baby next door (for instance) consistently being loved, held, coddled and receiving continuous, unconditional love from its mother. Now imagine that child imagining...No, 'fantasizing' that he or she could 'trade places' with that infant...To be loved, held and cared for like the infant next door rather than living in the hell, failed situation and trauma of their own life...As if an escape or a means to cope. As that child grows older and develops sexually, the two cross paths with unique and unpredictable results. You have a woman interested in nothing more than perception, who's own selfishness is interested in nothing more than what others make think. Long lasting relationships last long because of one word: "compromise". For every woman that won't 'accept you', there are 100 more that will. Dude, it's time to move on. We all must be true to ourselves.There are 'thousands', probably hundreds of thousands that feel just the same as you. Should any of you not believe it, here's a good place to start you're research. Take note of the number of members here and keep in mind there are many, more sites such as this one. www,diaperspace.com


What Girls Said 16

  • Gosh, it is a bit weird, but really, who cares... if it makes him comfortable, you'll have to live with it. If you love him enough, it won't matter... good luck.

  • Well I've heard if you wet the bed after the age of ten its considered a medical problem.

    Suggest a doctor visit?

    • I have

    • And he said no?

    • He said that it was a normal for some people to wear them not to wet

  • Does he have a job? Is he a good man? Is a cheater, a hitter or any type of abuser?

    • Yes job,yes very good, no cheater, no abuser

    • Then, why are we questioning this? If you answered my questions truthfully. He is a great man, has a job, not a cheater or an abusive person. You see where I am going with this?! I'd take a man wearing diapers on his head, if he were good to me and worth it. =)

  • well how often does he actually have an accident?

    • Not every night, just if he's really tired or stressed or once in a while etc..

  • well if he's aftraid of having an accident at night. have him set his phone alarm or some form of alarm that wakes him up in the middle of the night, so he can go to the restroom then he won't have to worry about having an accident.

    just an idea :]

    • Yes thanks for it, but I already tried it, it worked for a little while, then he started ignoring the alarm

  • He has an adult baby fetish. Spank him until he agrees to cut that out.

    • Lol...see, I would have said this was 'best answer'!

  • if he's having accidents he should go to the doctor's bcuz there's a problem. that's not normal!

  • u should let him because if you "love him so much" you should be willing to let him do what makes him happy because its about you both sacrificing things for each other not just one way

  • Wow, that's weird, that's totally not normal at all. I think you just need to tell him to go see a doctor. Adult diapers are for old men who can't control themselves anymore, not for young people who can't get out of bed.

    • Exactly that's how I felt when he told me

  • thats a little strange..

    but if you really love him, you would stick with him no matter what...

  • well I wudnt reli b happy with acsepting them either ask him why he wants to wear them so much maybe its a fase he is going threw or maybe he has a problem with wetting or sumething and is imbarrased to admit it sit him down and talk to him and b sensative to his feelings but remember to keep yours in mind aswell

  • i would just tell him not to put them on one night and just wake him up asn ask him if he's got to go to the bathroom

    • Ok, thanx

  • Well as much as you love him its just gross. But don't break up with him. Go to the doctor because he might be able to help. Or if its "security" reasons gradually comfort him into not wearing them. :)

    • Ok that will work, but I don't see him as much as I want and I don't know how to wean him off them. it is a security thing.he wants me to let him wear them until we get married next year and them he can place his security in me, but I don't think that will work, I'm afraid he will get more attached to them

    • If he gets more attached to the diapers then you maybe he isn't all that worth it. I say you should let him make a choice you or the diapers. And if he chooses them he isn't all that worth it. But itf he chooses you then his heart is in the right place.

  • If you love him that much you should accept him for who he is and for what he wonts to do, and just try and work around the situation

  • That is disgusting. Sounds lazy and with bad hygiene. I think you know you can do better.

    • He isn't lazy not at all, he has good hygiene too, soo idk

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