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How would you feel about someone who begged & pressured you into sex?

This co-worker has been trying to date me for at least 2 years, but I always turned him down, because there was something about him that gave me a bad creepy vibe. He was friendly at work & always said he loved how he...


I think I pressured her into unprotected sex too much?

I feel bad for it, it was about 8 months ago. She never mentioned it but we broke up after that. We didn't fight at all, i dont know if i should apologize for it or if it will just stir something that shouldn't be stirred...


It's Okay To Wait! Never Apologize For Being A Virgin.

Far too many people on here are asking if it's bad to be a virgin at age 18+. These posts honestly make me sad. This means that people out there are actually shaming others for not spreading their legs. Whether you believe...


Had to stop sex due to chafing, I feel so bad... will he still want to have sex with me again?

I was banging this guy I've wanted to get with for the first time and I stupidly had shaved one day before. We were on a hiking trip in the middle of nowhere so there was nowhere we could get lube or anything. We were...


Was she bad for me? Or was I too sensitive?

I recently ended my 4 year relationship. It didn't go as smooth as I had anticipated - she basically spent an hour insulting me. Well, 5 weeks later I find myself tempted to apologize and try to get her back. The problem...


Guys think I owe him an apology for teasing him sexually?

So he has told me before that likes when I talk about sex. That between us all is open. This morning guess I was cold and horny and sent him some text messages at 3 in the morning. Not bad just like hints you know. Anyhow...


Why do women have a problem with this?

Women sometimes search a guys actions to see if he's being fake, like they sometimes say "he acts different with me than he does with his friends." Why is that such a bad thing? Is it really being fake? I treat my friends...


What is your definition of "judging someone"?

What does it mean to you? Can it include, thinking someone must do "anal" because they like "to be spanked", or maybe thinking someone is a certain way because of something else that happened to them? Are you being...


Girls, my personal problem.. would you be satisfied?

Hello, at first I want to apologize for my bad English, I'm not a native speaker :). I just wanna ask the girls here about my secret. I'm 15 years old guy and I'm a virgin. That's not the problem, the thing that worries me...


Guys, Why would he be behaving this way?

Hey I met a very shy guy. We went on a date a few days later. We hit it off well despite both being nervous. He asked me to text him the next day. We texted on and off over the next week. Met up again. I was feeling a little...


He blocked me, should I send him this message in a text?

I asked him if he's bi today... He read it but didn't reply and after like 1 hour he blocked me, like wtf am I supposed to think when i am laying NAKED in his bed and he doesn't even touch me but fucks every fucking ugly...


I kind of helped my neighbor to cheat on his wife. How do I fix this?

I was having a drink with him and tell him about my problems with finding real men to date me. Suddenly that turned to something else and i was flirting with him. I wanted to kiss him but he said we can't do that because...


Recovering From A Bad Relationship

I don’t know how many people on GAG have experienced bad relationships, but I think even one is too many. Relationships bring deeper meaning to our lives. Sadly, that meaning becomes damaged when one is physically abused,...


Should I forgive him or not?

I was trying to work things out with my ex, and I thought things would work out again. He mentioned that it would take him some time but he wants to be single. I went to go hang out with him again, and we had sex. Sex was...


Did I act stuck up?

After a year of having a fuck buddy I said no more. I wanted to date him and he just wanted sex so I decided to stop it. I told him that if he ever needed someone to talk to, I'd be there. I also told him I was no longer...


Is my ex new girl a rebound?

I met this guy we started to hook up, he wanted a relationship with me and i always said no. I didn't want one, he knew we were just about sex, although i had feelings for him I was scared that he would eventually hurt me so...


She Keeps Coming Back In My Life?

This is gonna be quite a lengthy post and I apologize. I wish I could TLDR it. There's a gal I've known for a little over a year. We met through a college FB page. We talked for a few months, got real close and...


What do I do, he keeps playing games?

I've been dating this guy for two years. At first things weren't going so good. We literly just saw each other at work. Only once we went on a date. After that if was just texting even though he took for ever to text back....


Losing virginity very soon- have some questions? (Contraception, other concerns)?

My boyfriend and I are 17, and we're both ready to have sex. We've been dating for a year and a half and I really love/trust him, but I'm still very worried (nothing to do with him- I have an anxiety disorder that makes me...


1st why guys are so blunt do they mean what they say when they're with their buddies or just going with it to be "manly"... so confused?

My boyfriend was talking to his buddy and I accidentally eavesdropped and heard him say that he has "downgraded from good pussy" I confronted him about it and he said that I was immature , I took it out of context , then he...


I'm pregnant with his baby... but he's acting like this. What's his problem?

So I've been with this boy for almost four years and I'm in love with him. Well about three weeks ago he said I couldn't message him anymore... no real reason so I was confused. Well something bad happened to me so I...


She Cheated... But her reasoning is?

Aight... So. I got back with an Ex. Everything was gravy for the first 2weeks. Then, things got rocky. Not bad, but there was a bit of friction. She didn't understand that i have dreams to chase that might mean time away...


Guys, What is going through your head when you stop texting an ex?

I will give any further details you ask for. Well it wasn't a long relationship. I did a lot wrong, so did he. We had a fight and broke up. He apologized for what he said that day. Skip a day and I apologized for me and...


How do I heal from child molestation?

When I was 5-7 years old I had a crush on my best friends brother who was 12. I tried to get him to touch me inappropriately and his sister (my BFF) told on me. So we didn't do anything. Then around5-7 years old we moved...


Defining Sexual Confidence Among Men

The overwhelming majority of modern men are pussy-whipped. This includes the entire population of “nice guys”. The most influential factor that aided in the creation of this class of men is feminism – which has been...


Promiscuity? Your choice or mine?

I think the whole concept of slut shamming is actually ridiculous. Everyone has sex, everyone expresses themselves differently and I just so happen to do mine through sexual innuendos. I do not believe that the act of sex is...


5 Reasons A Man Needs A Woman

5. It's natural If you're a heterosexual man then the likelihood is you'll be needing a woman, some men like to proclaim they don't need a woman, they're free and single, but eventually scruff of loneliness will kick in and...


50 Things All Girls Should Know About Guys Part 2

This is based of an earlier post by bri_asks about 50 Things Girls Should Know About Guys, but I thought I should remix it from a guy's perspective. I know I don't speak for all guys, but I've done my best. 1. Guys don’t...


Top “Cheating” Questions Of The Week

I think most of us can agree that cheating is never acceptable and this week GAG users had A LOT to say about this particular topic. Questions like “What causes someone to cheat?” and “If someone cheated on you your whole...


From the Mind of a Male Virgin Waiting

Disclaimer: First off, before anyone says, I don't want to hear a sermon; I'm not going to bring up religion in anyway. I'm not a preacher and your religious beliefs are yours to choose. Second, I'm not writing for people to...


Why the marriage thing IS necessary

Yes, you are all sick of hearing the 'yay' or 'what do you think about...' but anyway. I want to actually try and explain why it is a big deal, and maybe help some of those against it, to understand why we pushed for...


Guys, Quit Feeding Women's Egos

I'm just gonna be straight and to-the-point here: when we guys are being upset and start talking on and on about how we think it's so much easier for chicks to get a date, get sex, how they're more attractive, "have more...


I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

We see a lot of these myTakes about feminism on GaG. Both in favor of and those against. While I tend to see it as an irrelevant topic, I have commented on both from time to time, yes. I guess it's important to a lot of...


Why Men Simply See More Success Than Women

People before you go... Now before we go into this, its very important to understand that success is subjective. It means different things to different people. So before you slap the sexist tag on me, I entreat you to...


Ladies: Don't Make Your Disappointing Dating Situation Worse

Ladies, have you ever been disappointed by how you were treated in a relationship with someone you loved? Ignored? Neglected? Or maybe even getting led on by someone in the dating scene, and you get the sinking feeling that...


The FEMINIST way of life.

Step 1 - Approach 20 girls politely, face insult, accpeted by 1 or 2 Step 2 - Talking. Keep hanging around like a dog and reading PUA shit because you're so terrified it won't work out. Step 2 - Dating. Open doors,...


Why You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex!

We all dream of the day our ex will come back, pleading for us to take them back. We dream of how they will accept responsibility for their actions, how they would apologize and admit they made the biggest mistake of their...


Transgendered Bathrooms Because Segregation Worked So Well The First Time

I apologize in advance as this really irritates me. I was going through Facebook the other day and someone had a negative post about Target allowing transgendered identifying men (and women) into the bathroom that they...


5 Beliefs That Will Make Wildly Successful But Also Amazingly Miserable

You Are Not Enough Running on this treadmill you think in your head " I am not enough" and every time you feel that pain, that sting, you push harder you fight stronger until you ran five miles when a month ago you...


Being Self Aware: Holding Yourself Accountable.

I wrote a myTake awhile ago titled "Men, You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. So what are you suppose to do?". I got a varity of opinions on there and that includes ones that were negative. Some called my gender...