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Blowing a kiss?

When a girl blows you a kiss, how does it affect you? Is it cute or are you indifferent to it?


Awkward first kiss, will I see him again?

I ended a date with this guy I really like, he leaned in to kiss me and it just didn't go down well, I was super super nervous ( I really look up to this guy, he's older and just blows me away so I was on edge) it was just...


Don't want to drag a relationship out or poison a good relationship with over thinking?

So me and my man have been together 2yrs we have talked about marriage... he has asked my mom's permission... I know his family. Me & him get along great... I can trust him we tell each other everything... We love each...


Is it ok to get into a relationship while other guys are interested in me?

In school I'm kind of popular. Well I'm not popular, but I am. I'm 100% introverted, weird, and nerdy so I never hung out with the "cool" crowd. However, according to my friends I'm super pretty. So I'm pretty much queen of...


Guys, Why does he like to mess with my mind?

I am an affectionate person. My boyfriend knows this. I've told him this. There have been several instances when I want to hug and/or kiss him and he knows that I want that but he blows me off. For example, before my surgery...


The Young Schizophrenic

Here is a story about schizophrenia. It is to show awareness and provide information. I am not making light of a mentall illness and I suggest you don't either. My clock ticks away every second while I lay in bed...