Which glasses style do you think is the sexiest on a girl?

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Can't get a read on her.

So I'm trying to get a good feel for this girl but can't. She does like to post quotes on her Facebook (you know how girls like to share stuff from pinterest), but I don't know what to make of them. Heres a few examples...
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Best friend or love of my life?

I've been deeply in love with let's call him Phil. Phil is basically everything I want in a man. He is determined to finish school, he shows commitment in everything he is involved in and he shows he cares for me. However...
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Why do I still think about my ex and still feel the pain after almost two years?

My ex broke up with me in late 2012 due to distance and her friends pushing her away from me, claiming I was the source of her unhappiness and all (even though it was her not being happy with where she is in life in terms of...
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What Is Love?

What Is Love To Me?Dylan BarbeeHow do we even know what love really is? Is it a feeling we are actually capable of feeling or is it something that is purely physical? Webster’s definition for love is:(1): strong affection...
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