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Do guys get intimidated and scared?

The guy I was interested in told me he cared about me a lot, I was perfect and wonderful and almost too good for him. Later after I really started to fall for him he told me he was afraid he would end up hurting me , he's...


Guys, do you get intimidated by your crush?

Would you get intimidated only by your crush or any girl that is very attractive? My story: This guy always glances at me, and he would also gaze at me for a long time. Sometimes it was direct and he wouldn't look away...


What do guys think about me?

OK, so I wonder why sometimes guys don't talk to me but they always talk to my friend. Im not necessarily shybut I'm not very talkative and I stick with my small group of friends. I was also voted the prettiest girl in my...


I'm intimidated by white women because they're always better than me. Do other non white girls feel that way?

I've noticed that with guys of all races, White women are always their first option. It's scary. I don't ever want someone to "settle" for me because they can't get a white woman.


Are men intimidated by very intelligent girls, therefore making them unattractive?

I am one of the top students in my grade and I am quite academic. I also do many other things like sing and play the guitar, play 3 sports, listen to music, eat chocolate (lol) so academics isn't the only important thing in...


Why are guys so intimidated or get so pissed off when I tell them that I am barren because I don't want kids?

Some background: I'm 33 and HAVE NEVER WANTED KIDS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! On January 15, 2015 I had a total/radical hysterectomy. This means the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes are all gone! I had this surgery for several...


Guys, Guys being put off/intimidated by my interests and style?

I know this may sound like a weird scenario, but I know it's happening! I'm in my later teens and to name some of my hobbies/interests: I love cars ( especially 60's-70's American muscle cars) working on them, fixing them...


Girls, Are girls intimidated by good-looking guys?

This is highly embarassing for me to ask but I need answers... I'm what would be called a very good-looking guy (other people's words, not mine!)... I'm not vain or anything like that, in fact I'm kind of shy but I feel like...


How can super hot women get sex?

Because I'm really hot I literally can't get laid. Every guy is intimidated by me or tries to use abuse me. I've learned guys won't even give me orgasms through oral sex. Maybe they do it to other women too but I'm sex...


Guys (mostly)... Athletic women?

So, I realize that it takes a multitude of various types of people to male the world go round. If it weren't for this variety, suffice it to say that life would be pretty dull. My question is mostly directed towards men...


I feel intimidated at the gym, how to I get over it?

So I got to the gym regularly and I finished school two months ago. Anyway so two guys I know from my old school were at the gym with a few mates hanging round the same weight machine. I did feel uncomfortable as I wanted to...


Attractive girls, do you find yourself never getting hit on?

im asking this because when i was in summer school, nobosy really knew each other and there was this really pretty girl in that class. It seemed no guys in the class ever tried talking to her or hitting on her. it seemed...


Do women get approached a lot or not?

If you've been on GAG long enough you've probably seen both sides of this question. On the one side, you have us guys who don't bother approaching attractive girls because we figure you all have a line up that stretches out...


How do you meet a guy?

im a hot bombshell- beautiful but just can't meet a guy. Men will rave about how pretty I am, and no one ever asks me out. Most men just act weird towards me or rude. Most just act crazy. I see couples all the time and...


What does a guy really think when he sees a hot girl?

Let's just say she does have a great personality and she's smart, but what if she's just obviously really attractive and hot? Her looks outweigh everything else? Not saying she's not that smart or cool to be around, just...


Guys, are high achieving, ethnic women unapproachable?

I know South Asian women are seen as never dating out, but keeping that stereotype aside for a moment... why is it I am never approached? I am sick and tired of hearing that I am intimidating, smart, and mysterious. The...


So my friend said I am handsome?

Sometimes driving my car i notice that some girls look at me and hold the gaze , i never really cared much its nice but not really important for me , girls at work seem to like me there are 4 girls i am close friend with 2...


Should I tell her I liker her?

I'm a senior in college about to gradaute in about 6 months. I have been wanting to get a girlfriend to at least experience something new in my final year. Suddenly, out of the blue, I run into the most beautiful girl at my...


Physically Attractive Women Are Not Stuck With Bad Boys & Players. They Can Get Good Men Too.

I am referring to women who are universally attractive. It is common for an attractive woman to be committed to a bad boy, alpha dog, or player. Fortunately, there are attractive women who are sick of these types of guys and...


Lynn Likes Black Guys

I have a little frustration and anger towards social pressures put on all of us to pick a certain type of guy/girl. We go out with someone that does not fit this ideal and we nervously glance around see if anyone recognizes...


Guys, Settle Down: You Won’t Be Replaced by a Vibrator

The first time a girlfriend whipped out a sex toy during foreplay, I was stoked. I mean, in the porns I watch, it’s hot as hell when a chick goes at it solo. And now it was about to happen to me, in real life. (Side note:...


Is She Playing Hard to Get or Just Not Into You?

There are so many guys (girls do this as well, its not gender limited) that believe that they are "talking" to a girl, when in actuality, the girl just views them as a friend. Their immediate rage flares up when suddenly,...


Why Guys Aren't Approaching You

You're a pretty girl. You're smart, you're nice, you're well-rounded, but it seems like the good looking, nice, datable guys never approach you. Why? Here are 11 reasons you're not getting approached. 1) You're...


My Heart Is Broken, How Do I Fall Out Of Love??

Email from a readerSo, maybe, my question is, how can I turn off this love? How can I do it, if I loved him, flaws and all? He was sweet and generous with me when we were together and I only have good memories.I was strong...


Men not wanting sex from hot sexy women but from others?

before you try to cut on me or others, lots of men want to have sex with me, but what I've noticed is that, in any kind of weird or work situation where a man or group of men are seducing and f*cking lots of women, for some...


Seriously I just need an answer like I don't even understand what is going on, I am going to add a poll but advice would be nice?

To start of we are in college & I am 2 years older than him, I normally date older guys so even crushing on a younger guy is weird. I would like to think I am fairly attractive, normally I feel like I am getting almost...


My guide on being absolutely fabulous

As some of you might know, I am a lady who is strong and have grit. I walk the talk and I have sass. Therefore, I will give you my guide on being absolutely fabulous and self confident. Now it took me years and many tears to...


So Are You Really A Nice Guy?

People always consider themselves a "nice guy". We have this duality of "nice guys" and "bad guys", right? Nice guys are the ones who are caring and loving, and who would never do anything that would harm their significant...


The Troubles of Being Short

Guess which one I am? I am wearing 6 inch heels in this picture, taller than all the other girls heels. One was wearing flats. So lately I've seen takes like "Problems only tall people understand" so I decided to make a...


The Alpha Widow and how they come to be

Many people aren't aware what this is but I'll help break it down to you how an Alpha widow comes to be. So, for the sake of this story let's arrange SMV in percentile. 90th percentile is top 10%. The typical Western girl...


The Guy FAQ

I see the same few questions from women on this site so often I decided to write an article with answers for these frequently asked questions. Originally I made some elaborate attempts at explaining certain aspects of male...


What's wrong with being average?

I commented on a post recently. It was one of those how-do-I-look things and I responded as I usually do. Some of those things are annoying, of course, like the guys wearing sunglasses in every photo 'cause they're obviously...


How to Create Attraction with a Woman

Attraction is tensionThis might seem simplistic, or may even sound foolish, but you’d be surprised. I promise that understanding this will forever change how you interact with women.Don’t waste time thinking that what women...


Top Feminist/Feminism Questions of The Week

Feminism — the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Feminist — a person who supports feminism. Do men hate feminist? Asked by @TheNewJanie in Guy's Behavior “I'm for equality but I...


Why I think so many men online become bitter and resentful and turn away from women

As a 21 year old who has little experience with women and spends a lot of time on the Internet (like the rest of us), I have been suprised by how often women mention confidence as their main requirement for men. It has been...


Video Games Live, Tommy Tallarico Reviving Musical Passion Around the World

The love of music is deeply human, appreciated on an intrinsic, almost molecular level. We all have our preferences and tastes, but we seem hard-wired to respond positively to music we enjoy and appreciate. And as any...


Training, Diet, Motivation. What's keeping you from your goals?

So there are so many questions on here all asking basically the same things: 1) How do I lose weight? 2) How do I build muscle? 3) Why can't I lose weight? And there are many....many more. I thought I would make a myTake...


What four years on GAG has taught me about Girls on GAG

***Disclaimer***: 1. This is humorously written and posted. No serious stuff here. 2. Written in the mind set of 'GirlsAskGuys', but anything that applies to women may also apply to men. The Archetypes of Girls on GAG...


Self Love, Self Worth, Self Acceptance: Love Your Body & Stop Shaming People!

Life is too short to waste any amount of time on...