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Search Results: guy touches you on your lower back

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What does it mean when a guy touches you on your lower back?

I was at a party and when we took pictures, a guy that I have been looking at the whole night., placed his hand on my lower back! Then after that, I constantly catch him looking at me? What does this mean?
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GIRLS: What if a guy touches you here?

Does it mean anything to you girls if a guy places his hand on your lower back?
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When a guy touches you lightly on your back and arm is he attracted to you?

I have the hugest crush on this guy and have noticed that whenever I talk to him he lightly touches me in the small part of my lower back when I stand next to him while we chat. Last time we chatted he touched me on the...
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When your guy friend hugs you....

And his hand touches a little lower on the small of your back until the hug is over... Can it be considered flirting? What's going through his head?
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Decoding a guys touch. What do they mean?

I know when a guy touches a girl it usually is to show they like them in one way or another. But which touches are just friendly and which ones come with a deeper intent? I read that the lower on your body the touch, the...