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GUYS: Do you have a weak spot?

Hi GAG ^^ So my boyfriend and I love to tease each other. Are there any weak spots (neck? ear lobes? idk!) guys have?
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Guys say they also like the girl to make a move, but then they reject? what are the possible reasons?

I am a girl who takes initiative (there are guys asking me out, flirting with me so don't get me wrong) but for me it's hard to really find my type in real life.. Once I see one, I try to catch him...Obviously this is not...
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Why does it feel like only taken guys like me?

So I have noticed that only taken guys seem to show interest in me and want more from me. But my single guy friends when I get close to one of them, after 3 weeks or so they go distant and play games. So I think it's just...
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Why I choose to save myself over the girl...would you ?

So A few weeks ago I was out at a club which is one of my normal spots I hang out. I get approached by a lovely young woman, well actually her friend approached me first as the other girl was nervous/shy etc. Eventually the...
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