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My new guy wants to rim me, butt I worry about grossing him out? Opinions please?

Ok, so here's the deal. Last week my boyfriend and I were doing 69. I was concentrating on giving him good head, and about a minute into it, I realize he has also started licking my butt crack / hole area. I quickly push...


Why I am Happy with my Body

There's something I don't understand. Among all this body positivity shit you have people asking questions. Things like "what's your favourite body type?" "What's your dream body?" "If you could have any body, what would it...


Combination of ADHD and Autism.(4/4 part)

Okay this is the final part explaing what it's like to have both adhd and autism.I've had fun writting these takes.Though this is the most work I've ever ended up putting into a mytake.This whole thing took like 24hours to...


How to Deal with Dance Floor Competition

This is part 2/Bro Code Volume 2 of my first article "How To Be a Go-Getter at the Bar." In that article I was discussing how to dance with a girl on the dance floor when out at a nightclub and went over "The Types" of guys...


15 Random Facts About Me

I was working on a hefty take last week that I was intending to be a hard-hitting topic that would get the discussion going … and I accidentally xed it out, declined to save it because I thought it was another document that...