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Why does she do this?

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there is this girl I like at my school, we went to prom together and have hung out a few times, we are not dating but today and last week when she saw me in the hallway she came up behind me and pulled down my shorts. just...

Gave the Girlfriend a little payback that turned bad, what should I do to make up for it?

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Man! It seems like I am always in trouble. Girlfriend thought it would be funny to pull my shorts down in front of her friends while we were partying on the boat on Saturday. Well needless to say you don't wear anything...

Is being friends with a 13 year old OK , or not, or just weird even though they are considered your niece?

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My old high school buddy (brother from another mother) moved into my town about two years ago. He is single and brought his (now 13 year old) daughter with him. He has his aunt & uncles living here. For the last two years...