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Weirdly interesting horny story: What came over my girl?

My girl has NEVER been into sex or oral sex. She REFUSES to let me go down on her and she does not want to EVER go down on me. However, the other day, something came over her. She wore these little TIGHT shorts with the...


How can I get rid of my big butt (I'm a boy)?

I'm 13 year old a boy with a huge butt ( literally the size of Kim Kardashian) and I'm sick of it. Both girls and guys slap and grabmy butt a lot and I'm tired of it. I am really skinny with small shoulders and no waist with...


Has this ever happens to you?

I had just woken up and my girlfriend said good morning. She looked like she was trying to hide a smile. I went to the bathroom and noticed my d*** was wet. I pulled down my shorts and I had cum all over my boxers. When I...


Need advice? Friends wife, sleepover, hot tub?

Ok so I was at a friends house over the weekend. My wife and I and he and his wife. We went into the hot tub, just chatting etc... My wife went to bed and so did his. I went inside to pee and the girls went to bed. I came...


How would you feel if you had a dream like this or were with someone who did?

My girlfriend and I just had a Sunday afternoon nap and I dreamt that I was serving drinks in this club. I was wearing these little white lacy shorts, the very same ones I couldn't stop looking at a clothes store earlier...


I need a girls opinion. Did I screw this up?

Sorry this is so long but I don't know whats relevant haha Last summer I went to San Diego with my parents and sister for a few days. After we checked into the hotel I saw this very cute girl my age in the hallway our...


The Life and Times of a Total Loser (pt. 1)

Sup everyone... My names Dave, and a long time hobby of mine has always been writing. Ever since I was a kid I've enjoyed writing short stories and poems and I've recently decided to take on a more ambitious project and...


Periods: Another Of Those Things Women Have to Deal With

This title is both going to draw people in and push them away. We are all so sick of having to hear about what women have to deal with that men don't and then hearing that men get it oh so easy.  Which they don't. Because...