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Penis size? ... would a girl cheat?

Sorry for stepping on a cliche like a landmine, but through asking this question I suppose I hope to gain an insight into a girl's values. Heavens, I appreciate the subjectivity bound to personal preferences, but there is a...
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Girls, Does penis size really matter as much as the guy in this story says? Most honest answer guaranteed to whoever answers and has actually read?

First off... surely this story is bs. First, I don't think any woman is as much of a whore as the girl in the story.. and any man would have beat the other guys ass in the story. ''Never bought any of that "size matters"...
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Girls, is my penis too small?

i was just wondering if I was too small compared to other guys. I've never slept with a girl or asked a girl before about my size. I'm shy and want a relationship before I get to that step (hard when your shy lol). I hear...
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How do I convince my boyfriend that is penis is good enough?

I think he's 4 inches or something (on the smaller size I know), and he's very insecure and shy about it. I keep telling him I like his size, but he's still insecure because I accidentally told him my ex is 8 inches one time...
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Would you rather be happy and completely unappealing to the opposite sex or unhappy and extremely attractive?

By attractive, I mean EVERY quality you or even someone else (social media, for example) would deem as positive. I would, 100%, choose unhappy and extremely attractive. Maybe I'm crazy, and sure there are plenty of ways to...

Hey.. I know its a common question... but?

does penis size really matters to girls? im 25 and im about 3 or 4 inchs im really shy to show it.. still a virgin too... im afraid to sleep with a girl cuz of my size... what do u think?
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The Chase Theory: A Compliment

This article is in response to The Chase Theory and the Psychology of the Shy Guy. Notes about Response: Although my responses to articles are usually sharply critical, this author has actually moved me. This response in no...
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