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I can't stop crying. Why can't I stop?

It's been 4MTHS sometimes I still wake up at 2am and start crying! I'm so sick I'm beginning to hate myself for letting this affect me so much! I still think about this man everyday. He left me because of a stupid argument...


Why do some people start something with someone else while their current relationship is falling apart?

So this is interesting. Sometimes when a relationship is falling apart or going downtown, one of them might start something with someone else such as dating. But their current relationship hasn't even ended yet? In my...


Why do I feel guilty blocking my ex?

So my boyfriend of almost 4 months decided yesterday he didn't want to continue our relationship. He said we're just not right for each other, even though when we were together we clicked and had fun, until an issue came up...


Should I break up with my boyfriend or? ANSWER ASAP PLEASE 😭?

I'm 17 he's 18 and a senior we don't go to the same school and we barely see eachother but we try to make it work. We been together for a year and 3 months so far but I don't know if I should continue. Why? You may ask...


Why ask for a girl's number only not to text back? Should I disregard this guy?

I live in a small, outbacky town where the quality of men and pickings are low. Lot of assholes, lot of "hicks" as they would say in the US. Whenever I meet a man who is dateable (usually from out of town), I get quite...


Why won't he reply to my texts?

Hey guys and girls So this Friday I met a guy after a party. We just started talking and hit it off right away, so we went to a bar and sat and talked. When it closed, we went back to his apartment and ended up having...


Why do people think its okay to treat me like an object?

I have a lot more to offer then my beauty, but I'm not lacking at all in the looks department. I don't even need to wear makeup and I was still voted the prettiest girl in my senior yearbook. but I don't not have I ever gave...


Is this a hook up or something more?

Meet Patrick: Super cute jsut turned 27 year old guy from my gym who has been staring and making eye contact with me (im 23) for 8 months. I can tell he wants to talk to me and I've ALWAYS wanted to talk to him but why has...


How far should I go if my boyfriend tells me to do whatever I want?

Lately I've been turned on by the thought of playing with my boyfriends asshole. Funny sounding, I know, but I have. So I gave him a BJ a while back and he always likes when I play with his taint but I tried going lower....


Why I can't take religion seriously

I grew up as a Southern Baptist and both of my parents are very religious. I respect them as I respect most other religious people so as long as they don't try to force or manipulate their beliefs on to me. Since I was a...


On Male Virginity; Especially As He Ages!

I was going through my "opinions," to see how many upvotes some had gotten, out of narcissistic curiosity. I was absolutely shocked to see that one of my comments had received TWENTY FIVE thumbs up, and every one was from...


Why Women Play Hard to Get, Even if you Hate it

Men who are in it only for sex This is something most men would take rather they cared for a woman or not. Many men string women along for years just to get it. Most guys move on once she shows interest This happens a...


Why I am STILL on G@G

My take on the relationship of a random guy on internet with a website Namaste from India. It is always a pleasure when people around the world read what you have to say. This paragraph is a little bit off-topic and is...


Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable

Now, I will do a myTake on the girls next week. I just want to show my appreciation for the men folk out there. For decades, the men have been scapegoats by quite a lot of women. But no matter what, not all of them are...


Misunderstood: What I'd Like to Clear Up

I wrote a couple of MyTakes, last week and I feel some people misunderstood what I was saying. Though, I know it's not necessary for me to defend myself. I'd like to take this time to clear up a few of things about myself...


Why I Believe 2016/2017 Are Poised To Being Amongst The Worst Years Of Your Life - (Part 1 of 2)

2016: The Beginning of The Crash Have you ever stood or sat in a room, and experienced this looming feeling that something was wrong? You couldn't quite put your finger on it, but you knew that something, somewhere, just...


Arguments Against Romance Novels And Why They Are Stupid

I made this helpful flowchart for people thinking about writing romance think pieces. — sarah maclean (@sarahmaclean) February 19, 2016 Sarah Maclean posted this on twitter and it is glorious. I...


I feel like my university media design instructor likes me.. She's a lady?

I've only been taught by her 4 times, Im attracted to her as well she's so attractive it's unreal. the way she stands, speaks, her lips, everything. She's really feminine even though he hair is like a men haircut.. but she's...


What are we waiting for?

I don't know about you, but I always find it funny listening to the stories my co-workers have regarding their love interests. Not one of them, including those married, ever have anything nice to say about their significant...


GaG Matchmaking! GaG's views on compatibility...

Matchmaking in real life can be a really messy business and many preffer to stay away from it. That is because it requires insight into human nature and enough experience with people to be able to predict their relationships...


A Midsummer Recap: An Analysis on Every Major League Baseball Team Halfway Through the Season

Right before the the North American Major League Baseball season began, I wrote a myTake predicting how each team in the MLB would prefer. It was titled "The Good  "The Good and Bad of Every Major League Baseball Team of...


Tips to Help You Quit Smoking!

With a new year upon us, a lot of people are probably thinking about quitting smoking. Maybe some of you gave it a shot as 2016 rolled in but it didn’t work out. Or maybe some of you haven’t worked up the strength to do it...


My Abusive Relationship

I want to share the story of my past relationship, hopefully to give people some insight on what abusive relationships are like and how patronising abusers can be. I hope this will give any current victims some inspiration...


Top 8 Guys/Girls You Should NEVER Date

Okay so over the past month I have been out of a relationship. The person I was with I cared very much about, however we had a lot of things that didn’t fit (like a puzzle, if the pieces don’t fit the puzzle will never be...


The Hidden Agenda Of Feminism

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one- Adolph Hitler If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it- Joseph Goebbels...


Top 10 Craziest Stories From School!!

5. I watched one of my buddies back in sophomore year take out a little bag of white-ish powder that had a yellow tint to it. I asked him what he was doing as he made a small line on the desk in the back of the classroom...


Boys and Girls Can't Be Friends...

I was short, fat, with braces, glasses and a face full of zits. I was a 1 and a half, as you once told him. Heh. I'm not mad, I suppose that's right. But I liked you. No, I loved you, as naΓ―ve as that may sound. I think it...


Abortion: My Story

I decided to write this take, not to gain sympathy but to let people know that having an abortion is not a simple process. It isn't an alternative to contraception and it isn't undertaken lightly. I think sharing my personal...


Behind The Promiscuous Woman 🌹🌻💔

Please note that I'm using the word promiscuous to replace the 's' word [simply because I don't like it]. NO disrespect to anyone who has had many sexual partners, just using it for lack of a better word. Keep this in mind...


Facebook Meeting

I was going to meet Teresa at a hotel bar where we used to meet all the time. I had not seen her for almost 4 years and on the way I admitted myself that I was actually excited. I calmed myself. She must be excited too.I had...


Women Want What They Can't Understand & Can't Have - Are You Either One?

In the beginning it was said that God made man, and then made women from man hence woman. However, drama started in the garden, because Adam was a whuss, and she got curious. Confused? Don’t be I’ll explain later, keep...


Is It More Difficult To Be A Guy Or Girl?

Why is it difficult to be a girl?Society is to blame for a lot of the difficulties women face in the world. Make a list of all the bad words you can call a woman and the list is nearly endless. Derogatory words have stayed...


10 Common Sex Questions Answered

I have listed 10 questions I have seen a number of times on this website. In my responses, I provide my personal opinion, view, and informative knowledge. I hope you enjoy! 1. How do I give oral sex to my man? The first...


Dating Online is for You If You Want to Instantly and Dramatically Increase Your Chances for Love

"All the good ones are taken," Jennifer complained. "There's nobody to date - even if I lower my standards. I mean it's not like I'm looking for a guy to ride in on a white horse and sweep me off my feet. I'd just like to...


Busting Myths About Modern (Non-Extreme) Feminism

Feminism is a widely debated topic of today. However, what exactly is it? Many people are unsure of what feminism means (besides the women’s suffrage movement and others of the 20th century) and do not understand how it...


Sarmassophobes Beware: The Snowball-Boomerang Destruction of a Simple White Lie

At the surface, it may seem obvious to many of you why this is. But that won't stop you from defaulting to irrational defense mechanisms when confronted with an uncomfortable truth. Yet, I feel that writing this may help...


The real problem with Pornography

First of all, I'd like to say that I caused my own boyfriend quite a lot of angst when I found out he watched internet P*rnography . I originally didn't have a problem with it until he reacted to an on-screen girl in such...


Bill Cosby: The Saint and Sinner

When the story first broke that Bill Cosby was a possible rapist, a lot of people struggled with the realization that one of their childhood idols, a man who did a lot for getting young black kids into college, broke molds...


Love is a Gift From God: An Atheist's Point of View

Those who may have gotten to know me a little bit will know that often times on GaG while engaging with others, I’ll make references to the love life I share with my husband.  When we met, I was a flaming atheist and he, a...


Training, Diet, Motivation. What's keeping you from your goals?

So there are so many questions on here all asking basically the same things: 1) How do I lose weight? 2) How do I build muscle? 3) Why can't I lose weight? And there are many....many more. I thought I would make a myTake...