Why do girls like guys, and why do they not like girls?

The few paragraphs before the section with the questions are just precursors to the 4 questions I ask/talk about in here.

"Girls will give up a lot more looks - more than a guy will give up personality."

Looks and personality are both important to guys. Personality is a definite second though. It doesn’t even matter if the looks aren’t there first.

Looks and personality are both important to girls. Looks are a definite second though. They don’t even matter if the personality isn’t there first.

Important note: Girls will give up a lot more looks, than a guy will give up personality - making looks just a big plus, but not really necessary to girls. Mostly the guy just can’t be fat and ugly. You can see this by seeing hot girls with average looking, but cool guys all over the place.

I think guys wouldn’t use girls so much just for sex, if girls didn’t make things so complicated. Guys don’t know what girls want from them. Money? Muscles? Humor? Romance? Jerk? Every girl says she wants romance, but they all go after the jerks. So since guys don’t know what the heck girls want, they just get what they want – sex. Then sometimes they leave – why stick around? The girl doesn’t know what she wants and the guy already got what he wants.

Question #1 - Body

Girls sometimes say that the male body, when built with some nice toned muscle, can turn them on. This is not true though. Here's a couple reasons that prove girls don't get turned on by male bodies:

  • When a guy sees a chick in a bikini, his initial thought is dang that's hot, and he's turned on. When a girl sees a decent-looking, shirtless guy, her initial thought is - why is his shirt off?

  • George Clooney/Brad Pitt. Brad is younger, way better body, but Dot doesn't like him cause of his personality. George is older with an old man's body, but he's crazy hot.

By far, the best way to turn a girl on, is to either look into her eyes and compliment her, or gently stroke her whole body, or kiss her on the neck...basically make her feel sexy. (example: Lots of guys with average looks get hot girls. This is not rare, most guys have below-par bodies, but lots still end up with hot girls and get lovin.) So the only way they can be turning the girl on is by making her feel sexy/special/loved. Not by taking their shirt off in a sexy manner or anything.

How does this correlate to girls wanting guys?? You get horny by yourself being sexy, which makes you wanna have sex with a guy…that makes no sense. Seeing or feeling one thing makes you want something else completely different.
"The only way guys can be turning the girl on is by making her feel sexy/special/loved."

Let me tell you what it/s like for guys so you can see where I’m coming from: A guy sees a hot girl with cleavage and he gets horny and wants her. Do you see? The guy sees her and wants her. Guys can’t get turned on by seeing a cool car, having a good conversation or feeling sexy themselves. A guy needs a girl to have sex, in order to get a girl, she has to turn him on so he'll want to have sex with her.

She can’t do that by telling him he's hot, or rubbing his back, or making him feel special. Those things have nothing to do with sex.

Question #2 - Personality

Girls often say confidence, among other personality traits, turn them on. Can you just tell me how this is possible though? There are two reasons why isn't true or possible:

  • Brad Pitt really complicates things and doesn't make sense. Brad is hot and confident, but some girls still don’t like him…so obviously neither of those things really do anything for girls.

  • I don't see the correlation between getting turned on by personality and sex being such a physical act. Sex/sexy things are physical, so mental/emotional things can’t turn someone on. It’s like getting turned on by a car. As awesome and maybe sexy as a lambo is, it could never turn you on. Humans are a carnal/physical/lusty type of sexy; cars are just visual, and personalities are mental/emotional.

Question #3 - Girls

Almost every girl is at least bi-curious. Don't you think it's weird that girls can only get turned on if there's girls around (lesbians, straight couples, NOT guy-guy…)? They can get turned on by girl-girl action, by going to a strip club with their boyfriend or girlfriends, and almost all of them wonder what it would be like to kiss or have sex with a girl. Even if they claim they would never want to, they still at least wonder what its like (I really don't get this, because you ARE a girl, you KNOW what its like, but that's a different topic...)
"Can girls only connect in a loving, emotional way with guys?"
Everyone, including girls, also say that the female body is more beautiful and sexy to look at than the male body. This is obvious from the above paragraph, plus even girl’s magazines (eg. cosmo) are full of half-naked women.

So if the female body is so sexy, and seeing a girl strip, or two girls kiss can turn a girl on…what is it about the male body that is hot? It seems like nothing. Girls can get turned on by themselves and other girls, but when it comes to a guy, usually the only thing he can do is try to make her feel sexy. Which, as I’ve discussed, doesn’t make any sense.

How come more girls don’t end up becoming bi or lez? Is it really just the fact that girls can only connect in a loving, emotional way with guys?

Question #4 - Movies/jealousy

The only thing I know for sure turns girls on is love scenes in movies. I think maybe the main reason girls ever get turned on is jealousy. They see a girl making out with someone, so they want to. So because of jealousy, girls indirectly turn other girls on.