How To Turn A Guy On

Ladies, have you ever touched a guy in a certain way and he started giggling rather than taking deeper breaths? I certainly have had my share of women who would do certain things in the name of turning a guy on and with such confidence too, that I couldn’t help myself but burst into laughing or raised my eyebrows at the least.

This is not only because every guy is different, but also because there isn’t such a manual to turn a guy on anywhere. In order to help fellow dudes, I will list a few here and hope that you ladies will share this information and also use your imagination to turn a guy on further.

1 - Looks are what you can easily start with. For this you may even practice in front of the mirror. Take one of those magazines and look at those female models pose. They always have this seductive look as if they want you no matter what. If you can master that look and use it on a guy, he will melt like Irish butter. Give him that look, suggestively, while you too are having dinner outside or when you are getting naked in front of him. It will have the same effect. Make sure you don’t overdo it otherwise it may look cheesy.
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2 - Make small, suggestive comments during the day, in public, in a crowd, brush up against him while passing. Compliment his sexual prowess discreetly. Subtle moves like this throughout the day will raise his excitement that he won’t be able to release immediately, which will build up the potential for when you two are alone.

3 - Moves such as stripping or moving your hips against his body would drive him crazy. If you want to turn him on with a touch, do these moves away from him at first, slowly getting closer all the while biting your lips and touching yourself. Then when you get close to him making him thinking you would kiss him or let him touch you, go back.

4 - Tell him sexy things like how attractive he is and how bad you want him, compliment him and boost his ego a little. While part of turning a guy on is physical, most of it could be mental.

5 - Guys are visual creatures so while doing all these moves, if you have attractive clothing on, it will drive him even more crazy. A t-shirt that shows your curves, a shirt that has a generous cleavage if you still have your clothes on, or a lace underwear or a lace night gown if you are somewhat dressing down would surely turn him on. But it is best to look tastefully to leave something to his imagination.

6 - Wear a perfume that he likes, especially around your neck and as you lean in closer and whisper in his ears he can smell you, which by itself will turn him on. Scent is something that works in public, too. As you get closer to a guy, or pass by him, he will surely get to smell you and go “mmmm”!

7 - Guys like to see girls in suggestive positions, any activity involving you bending-over will be great for him! Or even leaning over to show a bit more cleavage would do the trick. I guess you've already noticed that.

8 - Kiss him on his neck, nipples, chest and stomach while moving your finger tips alongside on his body and even bite him gently here and there. If nothing else did it, this would surely turn him on.

9 - Very slowly exhale or even whisper into his ear while occasionally kissing, nibbling and licking his ears, and kissing his neck. You can also do this after pushing him on to the bed and then working your way further down on him.

10 - Touch him on his thighs, hips, upper leg and around his groin area, without actually touching his “you know what I mean”. That would make him go crazy.

11 - Suck and gently bite his fingers and kiss the inside of his hand. Also take his hand and gently rub it on your face and all around your body. Make sure his hands are clean or you can get some cooties.
"Touch him on his thighs, hips, upper leg, & around his groin area, without actually touching his..."
12 - Slowly move all over his body, while gently brushing up your breasts on to his body and touching your lips to his body along the way. You can do straight moves, or even curve around. The less expected your moves are the better for him. You can use also your fingers barely touching him at the same time and that will just double the pleasure.

13 - Nails down his back is another one of the moves which turn a guy on. Now, you really have to be gentle with little pressure while doing this, otherwise it will feel like you are scratching his back, which is also an equally-pleasurable feeling, but you are not trying to make him go to sleep, are you?


Now if you see, all these little tricks are part of foreplay. As much fun it is to play with him, it is just as much fun to return the favor, so also make sure you give him some time to perform his mastery on you and don’t miss out his subtle, or not-so-subtle cues he sends your way throughout the day.
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What Girls Said 19

  • The only sure way is to go down on him. And yeah SLUT UP!

  • Woah!I will definitely try this!Thank you!

  • It's funny, a lot of these are common knowledge, but no one ver thinks about thouching a girl in these ways.

    I think it's incredibly sexy for a man to touch and kiss to tease me. My boyfriend doesn't do this as much as I do it to him, I wish he would though!

  • This article is AWESOME! But guys don't forget girls like passion too!

  • Thanks soo much. Your article is the most helpful one I have read. I'm gonna try this.

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  • Wish a girl would try this on me :P

  • This is really good

  • Awesome article. Thanks man, it's true that guys need to be turned on mentally too... but it's never really said.

  • After reading this I have to jack off better yet get a blow job. I don't think I could have answered any better. While I was reading this I was thinking of my girl got to go.

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