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How long do you keep sucking after he cums?

Girls I am just curious...how long do you usually keep sucking his D after he cums when you are giving a BJ?

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  • I always suck on it & milk it dry, so I can get every last drop of his precious come & swallow every last drop. Yum, Yum! I don't ever want to waste it, I want it all inside my body.

    • Thats awesome

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    • He can the come anywhere he wants to inside my body. If he prefers to come on me I will gather it up & eat it, & rub the rest into my skin.

    • 1mo

      Do you like the taste of your pussy on his dick?

What Girls Said 5

  • don't need suck, just your hand, make him beg you to stop

    • 1mo

      sorry typo, just use hand

  • At least another minute or so. that's when the head is most sensitive. my boyfriend loves it =D

    • Do you always swallow it?

    • Of course! always. and I look up at him too. drives him wild!!

  • Usually until all of it's in my mouth so I can swallow ALL of it :)

    Also, until he calms down...which is usually just a couple minutes.

  • Until he begs me to stop

What Guys Said 2

  • after he cums and he "calms down" for a little bit is when you should stop sucking because his dick will get VERY sensitive and that's not always a good thing. or better yet just get him to tell you when you should stop. when my girlfriend is blowing me and after I come I'll tell her to either slow down or if I can't take it I'll tell her to stop. just ask him about it. :)

    • Not always a good thing, but it could also be a great thing. Totally depends!

  • Don't stop until the contractions do.

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