Did he pee in my mouth?

Yes this sounds stupid! But I've given my boyfriend a lot of bjs before and last night, "when he started coming" I swallowed at least 9 times and each time I had a mouth full of stuff and then he was still coming more. And I didn't have enough time to swallow anymore if just kept coming. It sort of... Show More

lol since then I have talked to him about it and he claims that he peed accidentally

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  • I doubt it was pee. Yes, that does sound like a lot, but some guys have that occasionally after not ejaculating for a while. There's also the fact that there is a little valve that is automatically closed at the ureter (tube taking pee from the bladder to the urethra and then out) when a guy gets an erection. It can take ages for a guy to be able to pee, even after ejaculating, because of that. When he really needs to go, that can be quite painful.

    • As per the update, I can't think how that's possible. I do know that sometimes blowing a load can also feel a little like peeing, but that's rare. I seriously can't think how it's biologically possible to pee with an erection. That valve closes the bladder off - it shouldn't allow any urine through once he's hard.