Did he pee in my mouth?

Yes this sounds stupid! But I've given my boyfriend a lot of bjs before and last night, "when he started coming" I swallowed at least 9 times and each time I had a mouth full of stuff and then he was still coming more. And I didn't have enough time to swallow anymore if just kept coming. It sort of tasted like his cum but at the same time it didn't and there was just sooo much more of it. Was it really just cum or could it be anything else.

lol since then I have talked to him about it and he claims that he peed accidentally


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  • I doubt it was pee. Yes, that does sound like a lot, but some guys have that occasionally after not ejaculating for a while. There's also the fact that there is a little valve that is automatically closed at the ureter (tube taking pee from the bladder to the urethra and then out) when a guy gets an erection. It can take ages for a guy to be able to pee, even after ejaculating, because of that. When he really needs to go, that can be quite painful.

    • As per the update, I can't think how that's possible. I do know that sometimes blowing a load can also feel a little like peeing, but that's rare. I seriously can't think how it's biologically possible to pee with an erection. That valve closes the bladder off - it shouldn't allow any urine through once he's hard.

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  • I doubt it was pee. It's hard to pee when erect. If I'm not mistaken, that part is blocked.

    • He admitted a week later that he peed

  • It probably was just extra cum, because he may have been extra excited. And if he had to pee, he probably would have gone to the bathroom.

    As long as it was just the once, things should be just fine.

  • I think your right it's pee you just don't get a mouthful full of sperm let alone 9

  • Well if you were performing a prostate massage on him at the same time, he could easily expel large amounts of semen.

  • I think it's sperms!

    • There can be that much?

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  • I don't think it was pee. You'd have known from the smell, and like someone already said, guys can't physically pee while they have an erection, or for a while afterwards. I don't think I've ever encountered 9 mouthfuls of cum, but with my current guy I normally end up swallowing twice, and it is definitely true that if a guy hasn't come for a while or if you take a really long time getting him worked up before he ejaculates, there will be a lot more cum. Also, normally from experience, when there is more, it is more liquidy, which might explain why you found it a little different than usual. 9 mouthfuls seems like a lot, but so long as it doesn't happen regularly, I don't think you need to worry about him having any sort of medical problems. And don't worry about it being pee! I really don't think that's possible!

  • Peeing after? I don't understand how that'd even work

  • This guy I sucked off I thought he peed in my mouth too, but now I read he did blow a lot in my mouth that night. So it could have been just that he had a lot, I dought even if he had to go he wouldn't have went in your mouth.

  • I'm so turned on thinking how much cum u got to swallow, I'm jealous