Can a 'Friends With Benefits' relationship ever turn into a serious relationship?

I have this friend, who is a ‘friend with benefits’. Honestly, I am not a slut by any means and this is the only person I’m currently sleeping with. But like I said he is completely a FWB. I have no problem with it, in fact I like our little relationship. It’s very private and it’s like there is not much emotion with it. Yeah, I know what his intentions are with me. But I mean, me and him get along great! I really enjoy being with him. The only problem was when I saw him at the bar… is was kind of weird? I wouldn’t mind actually dating him though! I don’t know if we will ever start dating but I was kind of wondering if FWB relationships ever turn into anything serious.

Okay maybe I should give a little bit more detail about our situation. We’ve been messing around for 9 months now. He and I have known each other for most of our lives. Both of our families know each other. I have fun with him, and he is very nice!
Wow! I have gotten so many replies! Here is the little update… We haven’t spoken in almost 2 months because I found out he had another girlfriend the entire time! Isn’t that something? That explains everything. I took off all communication. Thanks guys!


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  • no. run. he`s a d*** who doesn`t wanna commit himself to you. Mum, Dad- how did you get to know each other?- Oh that`s easy we were f***buddies for about 10 months and then we fell in love?! ever heard that? me neither. forget about him.

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      Hahaha, good way of looking at it.

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      Ha yh :) I had a f*** bud and I wanted to be with him but he was suchhh a d***. so I dumped him and moved on, and now I found the guy I've been waiting for. really. you don't deserve being treated like that :)

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      Lol, I love your example. So true.