Do women mind if a guy cums a lot?

I'm 24 and I tend to cum A LOT. Like the kind you see in pornos, of course not the fake ones though. But yeah, I used to be embarrassed about it so I would masturbate before seeing a girl that I knew I would mess around with, just so I would have less the next time around. Now I don't bother doing that, and some girls like it, and other seem to get a little surprised. Is it really a big deal? It's usually about 8 or 9 thick shots of cum.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow that's a lot! I definately think it's hotter when the guy cums more. Like springdragonfly said, it might be a challenge to swallow it all, so you might want to tell the girl ahead of time if she intends to swallow and does not like (pleasant) surprises lol. But either way, I think it would be a fun challenge :o)