Do orgasms ease period cramps?

I have severe cramps when I am on my period. Nothing seems to ease them. My friend told me that having an orgasm would help significantly. Is this true? I've never tried before because I'm a heavy bleeder and I thought it would be gross. Has anyone tried this before? Does it really help calm the pain?


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  • I have horrendous cramps and I'm a heavy bleeder too. Like you I never wanted to touch myself during my period because eww messy and stuff. However I tried it when I was on my period last and my god I actually got a full nights sleep! It made the cramps pretty much disappear and strangely the bleeding was less the next day :S. Have fun but if it doesn't make it better my Dr has me on mefanamic acid which helps a lot.

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      Thanks so much! I'm about ready to try anything!