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Do you ever have orgasms by just making out and grinding?

This is generally when I am on top of him just making out. I can get it better that way. How do guys feel about that?

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  • I would be as turned on as much as someone could be, if a girl came while she was just kissing me. so hot.

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  • lol yes I had that happen once during a dance. I just felt warmth on my crotch and she leaned against me and I was thinking "wtf" then she said "Please don't tell anyone! Come with me real quick ok?" I went with her to the girls bathroom and she locked the door. Well from there was just nature.

  • yeh, this happened to me at my ex gf's house once... we were hangin with some frends and once everyone left we started making out on the couch. pretty heavy, lasted for about 20 minutes. I was turned on and was wearing jeans... it was pretty embarassing. I hated it

  • ime not able to nor is my wife able to get a orgasm by just that has to be at least a little...

  • yeah my girlfriend loves it when I grind against her.. haha

    even with clothes on.. she gets turned on big time..

    i can't get an orgasm like that, but its normal for girls I reckon.

  • I think girls can. It generally takes a bit more for guys to though.

  • definitely possible if you're rubbing your crotch up against his for a while. it's not really the most comfortable thing with jeans on but the fact he has a hot chick up against him can definitely make him cum

What Girls Said 5

  • the most sensitive part of your sexual organs is on the outside, so its bound to happen now and then!

  • that's happened to me once.

  • I've had it happen. :)

  • Yes that is normal for girls lol =]

  • I've never had an orgasm from it, but it does feel pretty great. My boyfriend has came before while grinding, but that was after not having sex for a little while.

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