How do Friends With Benefits relationships start?

I used to think Friends with Benefits relationships were an urban myth but from reading and answering questions on this sight it seems that quite a few men and women are enjoying friends with benefits relationships. How do I get in one of those? I know I probably sound like a total dog and I am but I have never been in one of these. When it comes to sex I love to pleasure a woman, I am not trying to convince you I am good in bed this is not a personals add but I am definitely a giver in bed and I love foreplay and eating out... both kinds. But anyway girls tend to see me as nice as friend material. Not the guy who they want to tear his clothes off. So for women who have been in a friends with benefits relationship or would consider being in one how does a guy even begin to ask or try to initiate such a relationship without seeming like a creep and getting a well deserved slap


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  • You need to become friends with some cool chicks. Don't be afraid to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. This is very important to us girls. I have had many a FWB.. I have to say that most of them were guy friends I had that "one night" we just ended up having sex and afterward you just like the sex.. There are feelings there... but mostly just still friend feelings. I didn't allow myself to consider them a potential boyfriend, just someone who I have really good sex with. If you allow yourself to get weird about it, it won't happen.. You have to keep the friendship the same as it has always been and just flirt around the edges. Keep it totally casual. It has to be non-awkward. And don't spend the night...that just complicates things more. Both of you get what you want and then leave it at that. I hope I don't sound like a total whore. lol..Good luck!

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      Not at all I love to have sex and I'm not waiting for marriage so I would be an idiot to be a bitch to any woman with similiar interests. I guess I have always felt awkward about showing my sexual interest in a girl, I'm not shy about talking just a little to modest I guess

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      Wow..lots of wisdom in your 25 years...By the way..Im not AFRAID of anything. I know who I am and what kind of relationships I have.. I don't judge people based on the questions or answers they post on here. That's the whole point of this site.

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      Well "Dante Thomas" I guess I am a wanna be slut then. I am a guy who would like to have sex with lots of women. Really rare huh lol not really. I don't care I agree with Sioux501. I think the whole no sex before marriage thing leads people to get married quickly because hey there horny but there are so many divorces and people particularly women that get tied down with kids and housework without pursuing thier dreams. But lets face it no one can go till there 27 without some good