Can I get pregnant if a guy cums on my stomach, face or breasts?

Can I get pregnant if a guy cums on my stomach, face or breasts? Like, can it slide down and fertilize me or can I let him cum anywhere of those places without having to worry?


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  • Long as you wipe it off before it would slide down your stomach to your vagina your good. Just don't let it get in there and your fine, also cum can only last so long outside the guys and girls body then it dies. Less it is frozen, or put in a fluid that is the right temperature to maintain it, and even then it will only last so long without nutrients. SO, it's not like it will last forever. If I remember correctly it doesn't last long if he just shoots it on your stomach. Not long at all. I'd look it up, or maybe someone in here knows but I remember it's not very long at all. Which is why the guy normally cums in a girl to get her pregnant and your vagina is a certain temp all the time, it's a homeostatic for growth. Hence why bacteria love your vagina as well.

    Hope I helped my advise. Just wipe it up with a towel. Or, use your hands and then eat it up lol. By the time you get to the shower it shouldn't matter they should be dead, like I said they don't last long I know.


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  • There is a rare occurrence called a splash pregnancy. This is when sperm ejaculated on the exterior of the vaginal opening can enter and cause fertilization. On the stomach, face or breasts this shouldn't be an issue.

  • No. If it doesn't go into your vagina, then you have nothing to worry about. Have fun. :)

  • You can't get pregnant, so long as you clean up after yourself. He'll fall in love with you if you let him do that to you. If you let it drip for a few seconds, he'll marry you!


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  • This would be very unlikely. You can only get pregnant if the sperm actually gets inside of the vagina, and it is unlikely that it would leak down from your face to your vagina. I would make sure that he aims higher on the stomach though, just as an extra precaution and be sure to clean it up quickly just in case.

  • I don't think you need to worry about it.

  • NO,
    You can't get pregnant