I slept with my best guy friend and he has a girlfriend. Please help!

Last weekend, I got drunk with my friend, which we've done in the past and nothing has happened. However, this time, we were flirting and we started making out. It went as far as taking my shirt off before he stopped and told me that he couldn't continue because he had a girlfriend. We spent about... Show More

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  • "I never wanted this to happen because I didn't want his relationship to fall apart becase of me"

    - It fell apart wayyyyy before you entered the picture.

    A guy that is truthfully happy, regardless of how "drunk" he may be- won't be trying to get you over and "test his luck" to get laid- he will call his girlfriend and go "babe... Come over"... If she says no- he will find a way to go to her.

    - Testing things out with you is because he has a lingering feeling left in his "love tank" about you and your personality.

    I don't fear her getting hurt at all- there's two things that make me sketchy about this situation.

    1) He did this to her, will he do it to you?

    2) If she does get hurt about the situation- will she find out who you are and come after you physically / emotionally for a vendetta?

    Either way- the damage is done, don't worry about it. Though just a heads up, this guy is sweet talking and sugar coating things.

    - "I want to be with you both equally" - bullsh*t! Then why did you sleep with one over the other? It makes no sense. If he wanted you the same as he wants her- there is no reason to cheat. He would go to her if he had the SAME feelings.

    You can NOT have the same feelings for two different people- two people / two situations never co-exist the exact same... Maybe similiar! But never the same. Which means your feelings about that "other person" or "second situation" are going to vary compared to your feelings with the original person and/or situation.

    He's sweet talking you- which is the biggest possible red-flag that he knows what he did was wrong- yet he did it anyways.

    The kid is confused and not ready for a high-comittment relationship, but I can't be talking on that one. I was there and just barely, have I actually started to step away from that.

    Talk to him about the situation and let him know that you will wait for an answer, but you won't wait forever. Let him know that you have been around for a long time and that your feelings for him are real- beyond a bedroom. If he runs for the hills, he played you. If he dumps her and comes to you, he is ready but still confused.

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