How can you tell if someone is gay?

how can you tell if someone is gay? what are the tell-tale signs? because I know of true-blue gays who actually have girlfriends, and one even ended up getting the girl pregnant. so can you really tell if someone is gay or not?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know of gay guys who had girlfriends, who slept with their girlfriends, who did everything they could imagine to try and convince themselves that they weren't gay. It's not that they were against homosexuality in principle, but just that it's still very hard to be gay in society. I mean, it's such a hard thing to come out, you wanna be damn sure before you do it.

    One of my friends that I met in college was considered one of those "studs" in high school because he was always getting girls at parties, and then he came out and everyone was stunned. Turned out he had just been trying to prove to himself that he wasn't gay, but ultimately he realized that he was and he couldn't change it. And it's funny if you look at him now, cause he's not the hookup kind of guy at all. He just slept with girls (both girlfriends and hookups) in an effort to make himself become straight, to make his feelings for guys go away, because it's so much easier to be straight. Of course, it ultimately didn't work, and now he's cool with himself as he is. But the guys you mention might be at that stage.

    I might suspect someone is gay based on their voice or their actions or the way they dress, but I don't assume unless they are out or they tell me they are.