Question for women; how long was your longest orgasm?

Title says it all


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  • well I'm gunna have to say that it was 2 mins long but that one was when I was having sex for like an hour. the rest are just one min or couple seconds

    • 2 minute long orgasm ?!? no f***in way lol srsly ?

      damn, guys only have like 8 seconds at most lol

    • Girls have it the best during sex... That's a lie font listen to it. Haha

    • What!? there is no way you people were actually climaxing for 2 minutes...

What Girls Said 7

  • mine was probably around 30-40 seconds or so. I have no idea. but it was by myself...nobody else has ever made me orgasm before so I don't know if it'll be better or worse.

  • uh, just add a little roughness. grab me and tell me you want me now. rip off my clothes, throw me to the bed...idk... just a little roughness

  • I can't say I'm really capable of counting well at the significant moment. Some of them have felt like a VERY long time, but I don't know what that would be. If the expression "time flies when you're having fun" holds true here, I guess it could have been like half an hour. Haha. But, no, it was probably 45 seconds or a minute. A minute's actually pretty long if you think about it.

  • lol go extra mc hard! and I'v always wanted to do a guy in the booty with a strap, buuutttt all my guys thouht I was crazy lol :D

  • Probably around 30, but they do happen pretty often. I'm not sure if it's the time length for us, so much as the quantity.

  • hold her hands above her head, b extra dominant, put your lips to hers, barely touching, and say "your mine"


What Guys Said 3

  • You girls are so lucky. =p

    • But then again, it takes more effort to get there ;)

    • More effort, but more reward.

      It is like having an exam. Male orgasm is getting a 60 and female orgasm is getting a 90, both out of 100.

      You have to work harder, but the reward is a lot sweeter. Therefore, it is better!

  • Dang I am seriously jealous of chicks who have these 30-45 second orgasms!

    The longest I ever had was like 10-12 seconds. so unfair for us males.

  • I told a girl I was going to "Fuck her until she loved me" once. Also used the "I will f*** you so hard your future children will feel it".. just some suggestions to get them in the mood.

    • No, neither of these would work, theyre both offensive and major turn offs

    • It worked on your mom. Ooooooooohhhhhhh

    • Ciera's mom totally was... couldn't keep her dry!