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Why are women these days such...whores?

Sometimes I really feel like I was born in the wrong generation. These days women treat sex like its such a meaningless thing. I recently met a girl... Show More

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  • I'm don't even care about the double standard - what I'm wondering is why you feel all women should alter their personal desires to suit your or any other man's needs. You don't care about women as individuals, you only care because there are less for you to choose from. This isn't about her being what she wants to be, but about what YOU wanted her to be. It's selfishness pure and simple.If she doesn't meet your standards then move on - it's as simple as that. The choices she made in her life are her business and I don't see why degrading or insulting her is necessary. That speaks more about your respect towards women in general. Her morals are different from yours, doesn't make her good or bad - just different. Also, I don't understand how her sexuality can take away from her classiness, intelligence, or enthusiasm for life. She is still the same person before her confession - the only thing that changed was your perception of her. Fortunately, how you feel about her will not likely affect how she feels about herself - so this complaining is nothing more than spitting in the wind. She's still happy with herself and you are without a classy, intelligent, fun woman.This is the reality you are going to have to live with. Women care less and less about what potential husbands and boyfriends want and more and more about their own desires. Which is what it should be, why live for a future phantom, a figment of imagination when they could please themselves? Women are people who are entitled to live our lives as they see fit. And if a great guy is willing to accept them, great. If not - so be it.I'm not going to pretend women don't lament about being single - but I think more and more women are willing to give up having a relationship to live honestly. Maybe that's why they are single. Which I find admirable - it is more important to be themselves than go against their own desires for a man they never met. I didn't pretend not to like sex in order to land a man (and I landed a great one). Those who let my sexuality overshadow my intelligence, my compassion, my generosity and loyalty weren't men I wanted anyway. It wasn't my loss or theirs - we were merely incompatible.Which is my opinion is what the true double standard is - we have to accept men for what they are but live up to standards they hold for us.I don't disrespect your desire to have a woman who thinks like you, I just wonder what insulting women in general is going to accomplish. There are women out there who share your morals - Utah probably has a lot - so what exactly are you missing out on except for convenience? The moral outrage feels false to me. I think you're more upset about not getting what you want. - a literal buffet of untouched women for you to pick from. Too bad for you.Good luck - check out Utah.

    • I really don't give a sh*t how things have changed. It's wrong. It wasn't like this back in the day. Where men and women married and remained faithful. It used to be completely common for a husband and wife to be married for 50+ years until death. Nowadays people hop from one marriage to the next like it means nothing and people like you act like its a good thing. No thanks.We should go back to the days when women actually respected themselves. Where men and women had their roles to fill.

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    • 1mo

      This was awesome. If a girl wants to have sex that doesn't mean she's not classy. Being classy is determined by how you carry yourself. You can be classy and be a virgin, and you can be classy and have 100 sexual partners

    • 23d

      Men don't have to care about women as individuals. What a crock. You don't dictate to us. I don't got nothing but utter contempt for sluts as they are incapable of love, incapable of fidelity. You're out of your mind telling this man who wants a faithful, loving girl that he missed out by passing her up. Get real. 27 partners by the age of 19? A woman who treats sexual intimacy as a meaningless, recreational sport without bonding feelings is a narcissistic nymphomaniac, a sexual sociopath! She's emotionally and spiritually unfit for a bonding relationship, let alone marriage. A man who gives his heart to a woman with YOUR attitude is a fool. You don’t love your man. I don't believe you for one moment. You have absolutely no respect for men's hearts and the dignity of their masculinity. Only an wuss would get involved with such a woman. I’ll think what I know to be true about her. Sexual promiscuity is the leading indicator of infidelity and divorce. She is useless to love.

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  • Both gender have such issues

  • First, I really don't appreciate the generalization. And there are a lot of girls out there who hold the same values as you. Maybe the reason you can't find one of them is because of your outlook?

    • 23d

      What? He knows that not all girls/women are sexually promiscuous, but most are today. Fact.

  • It's the same with men. I've met a guy who had sex with 30 different women, but instead of being called a whore he is applauded.
    If you have a problem how a woman lives HER life, then don't associate with her and find someone else. That easy.
    Maybe the decent women are staying away from you because you are generalizing all of them. I would stay away from you as well.

  • In my opinion, everyone today, both girls and guys are such whores! Everyone sleeps around like it means nothing.

    That being said, the double standard is annoying though.

    I only sleep with people I'm in a committed relationship with.

  • I'm not condoning or trying to make an excuse for these type of girls. But its such a double standard in society today, a guy can have sex with 26 girls at 19 years old and be deemed a hero while a girl who does the same thing is condemned. Someone's sexual habits shouldn't be a deciding factor in who you date. But since it seems like it is a big factor for you there are girls out there who don't 'give out sex like its candy at the fair', in fact I know more of these girls than slutty ones. Cut women some slack we get enough sh*t from society we don't need it from a guy we're on a date with.

    • 23d

      Another double standare talker. Enough of this hyprocrisy! Regardless, most girls/women nowadays don't give a damn about love anymore. Girls are whoring around just as much as guys, and by most of them don't care if they sluts or if you call them sluts. Most of them are proud and brag too. Fact. And we all know it.

  • I am not a whore. All of us girls aren't like that. I would only have sex with a guy after we have been together for a few months or when both of us feel ready but not after a few days or weeks of going out. Personally, I don't want to feel like I'm getting used and I think guys truly respect girls more when they are willing to wait. I am with a great guy now. We have been together for about a year and we didn't do anything until a few months after we started going out because we have respect for each other and wanted to do it when we felt like we were ready.

    • 23d

      Not true. Lots of guys respect girls who wait til marriage. No sane man is going to want to marry a girl whose been with a train of men. It's insult for one thing to the dignity of his masculinity. Only wusses take whores for wives. Is this the guys you're going to marry? Or he just another guy that husband will to accept that came before him as if he were less important.

  • I'm 20 and I still have my v-card! We aren't all like that!

    • Yes and it should not be frowned on for men to have their v-card too. Since when does that make a man "less" Maybe it means the man has more self restraint and values his own health, both mental and physical, and wants a real bond with one woman he TRULY loves and will have crazy kinky sex with for the rest of their lives together after being married and "forsaking all others".

  • Girls act like whores cause their fickle and often have trouble deciding what they want. However I do agree that. Why is it okay for a guy to be with like 25 girls and its "cool" But when a girl is with like 25 guys she's a "whore" ?

    • I would call that guy a whore as well. Views are different from different people, ditto goes for the anony below you. Don't judge us all missy.

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    • You are so ignorant. It is not 'cool" for a manwhore to sleep around with a bunch of girls. Since when is that a good thing? only in the USA and the west. manwhores should be ostracized same way womenwhores are. sleeping with 25 girls just makes that guy a douchebag whore.

      Many of us wish to wait until marriage or at least until in a serious relationship. Having principles and character doesn't mean we are "less" as men or that we are pussies. We probably have bigger dicks, better sex, better character, more discipline, and care more about the women we love than those malewhores who make it seem like sleeping with many women is a good thing. You don't need to sleep with a lot of women or for a woman you don't need to sleep with many men to be "wild". It's called having principles, good character and nobility to avoid doing those things.

    • Also we will not be STD ridden manwhores. And not it doesn't mean we will be "less experienced". You can learn plenty from reading. And whatever happened to experiencing sex for the first time together and working through differences or problems?

      People these days confuse love with lust. Well I say good luck to all the women who will become bitter old cat ladies dying miserable lonely deaths and all the bitter old men who will die alone staring blankly at a wall. Because being such whores in their youth and screwing with society's stability means they deserve their fates.

  • Men have been whores for ages. Women are sexual beings and should have free will. I am all for it and will teach my daughter to be liberated yet safe

  • Well can you really blame her? Whenever I go out it's just guys going after sex and if you don't give it to them you're a b*tch and if you do you're a whore. I'm not condoning her behavior but I can see where she's coming from. If she were a guy she'd be like coolest girl ever but if she's a girl so she's a whore. I've only slept with 2 guys and most girls I know don't have a long list of guys they've slept with so you really can't say that most of us are whores because we're not. I go to the bar every week and I've never brought a guy home but I've seen several that I'd love to bring home but I'm too scared to even approach them the chances of them ever going home with me are slim to none. I would love to have the balls to sleep around like a guy but I don't because I don't want guys like you calling me a whore.

    • And thats why the double standard works in a nut shell. Next time you see or talk to a known man whore call him out on it! See if he even breaks stride. But call a girl a cooty queen much less a whore and she dissolves into tears (thats an exageration) or freaks out. Be who you are and forget what other people think of you! is it really that important what people you dont even know think of you anyway.

    • 23d

      So in truth you're a whore in your heart. It's not about the heart and the masculine dignity of your future husband. You don't really care how that might affect his heart. It's all about how it might effect your reputation. That hurts good men. It hurts us deeply and we can't trust you. You would ruin your heart for love and bonding if you did that. Why do women not respect and love their husbands anymore? That's the real question that good men have for women today, and that's why we're fed up with women today. And by the way, I'm good looking, tall and athetically built guy and succesful. I'm not virgin for lack of opportunity or because I don't want it. I'm virgin because I love my future wife. She deserves all my love individed. Who are these women who by the way approach me all the time next to her? Damn. You just another Americna woman who doesn't about the heart of your husband. American women! Love means nothing to you anymore. That's what good men are fed up with.

  • But a guy with 26 girls is no big deal of course. Double standard.

    • No, a guy with 26 girls deserves to be beaten in public for being such a manwhore.

    • 23d

      Who said that? I'm sick of hearing that from women too, and any woman who talks like you is not trustworthy of man's heart or his love either. There's not double standard. Women today hand out bjs like handshakes. On average girls/young women are more sexually promiscuous than boys/young men in terms of number of partners. Fact. There is no more intimate sexual expression of devotion that a women can give to a husband, for example, than fellatio. There is no greater insult to the heart and the masculinity of a husband than for his wife to have done that for a train men before him, giving him the leftovers of heart and her sexuality passed out all over place as if he were a cuckold sissy f****t . You women have no regard for the hearts and masculine dignity of men anymore. We're sick of you and your whorish feminist claptrap. A good woman who gives her heart and her love to a sexual promiscuous man is a fool too.

    • 23d

      @Michael_David, you place way too much of your value as a man on the history of the woman you've chosen. What does that say about you? Do you have nothing else more to offer? Is there nothing else masculine about you that you can only feel like a man if your wife is a virgin?

      That's super sad.

  • I'm not saying there aren't slutty women or loose girls and I'm not agreeing or saying their behavior is okay but HELLO there are so many men who are like that as well, and even more so actually, so really there are many things wrong with your view. first of all you do realise that your saying "women today" are whores, but guess what men have been f***ing around for centuries and have been openly congratulating themselves about how many women they can "bag". Also as many have been saying there is a huge double standard because if a woman sleeps around then she's seen as a whore, but a man sleeps around and he's considered a stud or sexy. You see how there's no negativity around men when it comes to sex becuase there is no word for a man "slut". Also girls who aren't sexually loose are immediatly termed as frigid or lesbo or ice queens, so now we're either frigid bitches or slutty whores. In fact I would say women have more self respect and "self-restraint" as you put it, then men because they can just poke and run. Just because you've met a few loose women does not give you the right in any way to label us all as whores, epsecially if you have a penis

    • This is why women will never understand.. when you like a guy all you have to do is bat your eyelashes and he'll give you a chance. Even if he f***s you over he gives you a chance.. for us guys if we like a girl we have to get rejected by her and 20 others like her before we learn the "right moves" to get the 22nd.. this is why hooking up with a lot of women is an accomplishment for guys and a shame for girls. You girls have it so easy.. at least you have options.

    • 23d

      Nonsense. Prior to the 1960s men were not sexaully promiscuous on average either in America. Forget about a double standard! A sexually promiscuous man is not worthy of a good women's heart or her trust either. Move on. This is not about us vs. them. Because you're hung on that, I'd be afraid to trust you with my heart or love. What are trying to compensate for? Do you care about men's hearts or not? The issue is that this guy wants a loving, faithful girl he can trust with his heart. This girl that he encounterd could never be that girl. Fact. Everyone of us know that. 27 guys? That's gross. A man with 27 women is gross. The issue is love, trust, fidelity. And most girls nowadays are every bit as sluttish as most boys. Fact. And both of them cheat and lie and betray their boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives all the time. Women who are sexually virtuous are beautiful. Why are hung up on what sluts and manwhores say? Good men like me don't say that about good girls.

  • Why are men such dicks guys think its okay if they slept with 50 different girls but if its a women its a big deal

    • And If I said I was a virgin male who wished to find a virgin female, then what would you say?

  • man you have the wrong definition of the word whore whore means you do it for money no other reason their are lot of married middle class whore out their who only fuck one guy their husband but they only fuck because he earner if he lost his job they loses him straight away promiscuity is a different thing, you call them sluts

    • When you jump from one man to another that makes you a whore, because you run off with the money and time they spent on you.

    • 23d

      Oh, for cying out loud. Men don't have the wrong definition. Slut, whore, the term is being used for a sexualy promiscuous women. We all understand what he's talking about.

  • you're meeting the wrong girls. due to today's society a lot of people are, ahem, sexually free, but there are still some good girls out there with low body counts. I would say that 26 is much higher than average for the average girl, she was just a fluke. what is it that draws you to these girls that turn out to be whores? is it their looks and body? if so that is part of the reason why there are so many whores.

    • I really don't think I'm drawn to whores. I pick women that seem to be classy, smart, mature, etc but the image I have of them always gets shattered when they reveal their true nature.If you're gonna be a whore, then why put it in a classy wrapping

    • 23d

      Low body counts. How about no body counts until marriage? That's the only woman I'll trust with my heart and my love. A good girl is a virgin who loves and respects her future husband.

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  • you mean da americans? of course they're whores... (okay okay, for u poltically correct people, a handful of them alright? okay i'll throw in some percentage of other races in there just for u)

  • i think your paranoid or gotten lost in some backally like its the minotaurs laburinthMOST girls don't have sex with 26 different guys when they are 19 but they might have lost there virginity and what's this obsession with "classy"?

  • THE ANSWER to why men aren't whores. One man has 20 one night stands... who did he have sex with?

  • if you're not religious, why does it matter so much? I mean as much as men like having one nighters so do women its common. at least the lady is truthful.

  • Women are great. They really are. But, just like us, they have weaknesses. They're not just the SAME weaknesses. Logic is one of a woman's greatest weaknesses.

    Let's start with a simple analogy. You buy a car, you put miles on it, it loses value. As men, in a relationship, we're 'buying' vagina. That's one of OUR weaknesses.

    Here's the great part though... the competition. There ARE still a lot of good girls out there. You just don't hear about them. Why? Because if you're driving that old beat up ford with 150k miles on it, and still making payments, do you think the party receiving the payments would notify you of a brand new viper that potentially costs less than your crappy old ford? Of course not! Women are no different. They love to slut shame because it slightly depreciates the value of women in general, which doesn't change the number of their value, but does make them seem, by contrast, more valuable.

    There are good girls out there. Whores just don't want you to know this, because instinctively a whore knows that you would rather marry a good girl than a whore. Just my 2 cents.

  • I think you're going to find in coming years an increasing divide between the "religious" and the "sexually liberated" simply because one system offers a solid, time-tested, and proven model for personal identity and the other does not. I invite you to do some digging on this.I would encourage you to do the following, and I admit this reflects the biblical model that Christ stands for and I appreciate your honesty about your religious stance: above all else consider sacrificial love as top priority. Who can disagree with looking out for each other? Let this dictate your choices (this is far from easy). And secondly, test absolutely everything and use your own head conferring with people you trust. This is very hard to accomplish and you will encounter resistance.I caution you to test everything and use your own head because it sounds like some of these comments are wrank with classic psychological "projection" quick to presume that you hold views that are innately selfish. When it is just (if not more) likely you're thinking about the kind of woman you'd like to see pick-up your children from football practice: a perfectly acceptable concern.Again many comments state a morally relativistic model is perfectly acceptable, but history does not positively reflect this model and suggests otherwise (I personally value Francis Schaeffer's "How Should We Then Live?"). There is no lack of evidence that the survival of a society depends on its moral strength. Even so, the only thing you really have control over is your own character and morality and these are things that can never be taken from you unless you choose to give them away.

  • To some sex is simply a carnal need/pleasure they like to have fulfilled and nothing more. As long as they're safe with it I guess whatever floats their boat. It's just like anything else others do for pleasure, in that regard. But it appears you don't hold sex in such a regard and view it as more than that, which again is fine, but you cannot really fault others who don't share your values as such. If they don't, simply move on. It sounds like it's not really hypocritical or a double standard in this scenario, as you hold yourself to the same values you expect your woman to. There are plenty of men and women out there who view sex as something to be shared within certain confines, the promiscuous ones are just more abundant or in the limelight nowadays. After all with condoms, birth control, and other such things, what's to stop people from having sex when they have less chance of facing the consequences?

    • Hey, you said what I said but with less words, lol. Makes me feel like a blabbermouth.

    • Lmao XD I apologize ms Simple-Simonette. I assure you I can probably rant on just as well as you can at times just not this time ;)

  • take a chill pill, guys do this a lot why can't girls, give them a break, let them shag any guy they want, guys do it enough

    • I don't appreciate the generalization.

    • manwhore and womenwhores detected

  • Give me her number so I can be #27

  • 21 Year old virgin here, I just wanna marry a christian virgin. I don't want STDs. Yes, if you've slept around you most likely have one, or have had one that is still in your system dormant. If you've have chlamydia then you'll have trouble having kids. I like kids and want some of my own, chlamydia scars the fallopian tubes; the most common sexually transmitted disease. I don't want to pay $10,000 for invetro.

    • 23d

      You do realize that anyone could have an STI even without being sexual?

  • Consider yourself lucky - you are the one who gets to say no. In my generation, the mere hint that you wanted sex from a girl you didn't know that well would risk labeling both you and her as being "immoral", and all her friends would be warned to stay away from you (a little exaggeration here, bet not that much). Personally. I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat, having felt cheated out of my fair share of sex due to the stupid rules of the generation I was born in, where women were taught that a woman wanting sex was evil.

  • I agree with you. It certainly seems that way and I would prefer that I was born in a much earlier generation. I'm sure that people will complain that you are calling these people whore, sluts, etc, but those are the very ones you are referring to. Anyway, there are some good ones. It just takes a long ass time to find them.

    • So can I assume that they ones down voting me are the whores or guys that like whores? At any rate, it is what it is, but I just hope I can find a nice attractive woman that isn't opening her legs all the time. That's all I really want. And I'm tired of this double standard argument. First, not all of us regard man whores as heroes. Second, 26 people by the time you are 19 is rediculous for anyone without a terminal illness. Third, there are double standards towards men too. Short rant done

    • Im voting you down because your argument is total one viewed prejudice bullsh*t. I'm not a whore and I don't sleep with a guy unless he's my boyfriend or in a serious relationship with me. I bet there are plently of nice attractive women that don't open their legs but we get so much sh*t from both sides of men we can't even get a break. we either have crude players telling us to give it to them or we're frigid or inexperienced, or we have people like you saying we're sluts to have sex. thanks jerk

    • You're very welcome. Its not up to me and its not up to the player. It is solely upon you to choose what you want to do. I can only go by my observations and that's what I see. Maybe the slutty ones are the loud ones by making themselves known and maybe some are saying they are to fit in. I really don't know. I guess this is more out of frustration than anything so sorry if I offend you. However, it doesn't really change my thoughts. That doesn't really matter anyway.

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