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What do I do with come if I don't want to swallow?

I know most guys like it if girls swallow but honestly I think its unhygienic and not something I ever want to do. So my question is how I do I... Show More

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  • 1) telll the guy you don't really want to swallow that way he doesn't expect you too so you can spit after he cums (no conflict)remember conflict is usually created when there is a difference in expectations.2) maybe you should bring tissue so you can spit in it or wipe up the come if you don't let him come in your mouth

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  • Spit it on the d*** !

  • Flat out telling him you don't want to swallow will help with mutual communication and understanding but could kinda be a turn off but if you instead of finishing him with a blowjob get him out of your moth and give him a handjob and just maybe sit back and get it some where else and just rub it around instead and pulling out a tissue box and taking a tissue to clean up seems a little corny and could ruin the whole atmosphere ,GL D:

  • its alright that completely normal. the BEST thing is to go to the bathroom and spit it out. spitting it out in front of him is a HUGE turnoff and just makes him feel uncomfortable. trust me I know.more blow job tips link

  • Don't get it in your mouth? The last thing I want to see after you pleasured me is you convulsing or seeming sceived by my cum. I hate it when a woman gives good head and either acts like it a problem or lets go when I climax so she doesn't get any on her. Why did you take me to the water if you weren't going to let me drink.

  • If the come is already in your mouth I don't see the problem swallowing. It also has protein on it.

  • Honestly, It doesn't matter to me at all what she decides to do spit, swallow, hand me a tissue and run.People are way to sensitive if her spitting hurts his feelings there are much bigger concerns in life, how many guys won't kiss a woman after she gives him head even before/if there's come involved. Using a tissue is fine. I would mention it before hand if he can't respect your decision forget him. just my 2 cents

What Girls Said 2

  • Try this..As he's cumming in your mouth,don't swallow it,and just let it run out of your mouth,and down and over his cock.It still looks sexy for him,still looks spontaneous(as opposed to standing by with kleenex)and you're not taking it in.

    • This is way better then a girl getting grossed out

    • Glad you like it!

  • Well, I disagree that its unhygienic. Its a natural result of good sex. If you know the guy is disease-free, its perfectly healthy stuff. But you shouldn't have to do what you don't want to do. Sometimes they like it if you let it run out of your mouth onto your chin and chest or on his penis. But if you act disgusted by it, he may think your rude and inconsiderate. Good luck with the blow jobs!

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