What do I do with come if I don't want to swallow?

I know most guys like it if girls swallow but honestly I think its unhygienic and not something I ever want to do. So my question is how I do I politely or smoothly get out a situation where a guy cums, do I have a tissue or where do I spit the cum?should I spit it out in front of him or leave for a sec to do it? I'm not really into putting it on my body either so what's something else I can do. I'm not a prude or anything I love giving blow jobs I'm just not comfortable drinking someones body fluids. any suggestions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) telll the guy you don't really want to swallow

    that way he doesn't expect you too so you can spit after he cums (no conflict)

    remember conflict is usually created when there is a difference in expectations.

    2) maybe you should bring tissue so you can spit in it or wipe up the come if you don't let him come in your mouth