What is the normal time it takes for men to finish?

What is considered to be a normal time during sex for a guy to cum Weather it be a Blow Job, Hand Job, Intercourse (whatever position). I ask because there have been times that I have cum in less then 2 minutes and there have been times that I have taken over an hour. Is there such a thing as a normal or standard time it would take for a guy to cum?

And ladies what do you prefer, a guy that can cum fast, takes a while, or one that can switch it up and be fast sometimes and slow others?


Most Helpful Girl

  • As far as my experience goes I would not say there is an average time for a guy to cum. It just depends on the situation. I mean I know if you have alot of foreplay right before you do anything that can build you up and them either make you cum really fast or do the complete opposite.