Do guys like their testicles sucked on?

So the other day I was giving my friends with benefits a blowjob, after about a minute he began to push my head down to his ball sac..and then I closed my mouth around one of his testicles and sucked on it, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.. He kept wanting it after.. Is that normal? My ex boyfriend never asked me to do that..and I've generally heard fondling nuts does nothing for the guy...


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  • If it's not normal I'm not normal. LOL


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  • Some guys like it. I do not.

  • yes yes very much I can't speak for all guys but most of us love that and most girls either don't want to or don't know we like our balls licked. Its also hot to put one or even both in your mouth and suck on them. Also we like them touched fondled etc. The time I lost my virginity to a much more experienced women she cupped my balls while I was doing her from behind. This may sound strange but it felt very romantic

  • Many guys will like it. Some will not and for some it will be too sensitive.

    Fondling is OK. Rubbing lube on his testicles while giving a BJ is another way to go.

  • It varies from guy to guy.

  • no, I hate it, touch them but don't stick them in your mouth

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  • This sounds like fun, I'd like to try it with my bf. Any tips on how to do this?