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Do guys like their testicles sucked on?

So the other day I was giving my friends with benefits a blowjob, after about a minute he began to push my head down to his ball sac..and then I... Show More

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  • Some guys like it. I do not.

  • Many guys will like it. Some will not and for some it will be too sensitive.

    Fondling is OK. Rubbing lube on his testicles while giving a BJ is another way to go.

  • It varies from guy to guy.

  • no, I hate it, touch them but don't stick them in your mouth

  • ugh no. don't even TOUCH them.

  • yes yes very much I can't speak for all guys but most of us love that and most girls either don't want to or don't know we like our balls licked. Its also hot to put one or even both in your mouth and suck on them. Also we like them touched fondled etc. The time I lost my virginity to a much more experienced women she cupped my balls while I was doing her from behind. This may sound strange but it felt very romantic

  • I have never had a girl suck my testicles (I'm not that into blowjobs) but I love to get them fondled. It is a funny feeling and it is very exciting for me personally. But this is individual, we are all turned on by different things. I think the only thing you can be 100% sure of is that the guy will enjoy getting his glans stimulated, all else is individual.

  • "giving my friends with benefits a blowjob" Damb girl sounds like a blow bang if I ever heard one, I personally love teabagging my girlfriend it just adds that extra umph to the bj, your ex doesn't know what he's missing.

    • What is teabagging?

    • Putting his teabags (balls) into your mouth

    • The act of repeatedly lowering my ballsack into your mouth and in the fashion of a teabag into a mug with an up/down motion my ballsack goes in and out of your mouth.

  • I wouldn't mind a good ball sucking

  • not a fan...but I know friends who get it from their gf's

  • I vote yes

  • i like my balls sucked

  • some do some dont, depends on the guy but I will tell you this, it won't make us feel anymore excited that you sucking on our cock

  • I do. It feels great!

  • I really like when a girl fondles my testicles, I love it when having oral, she stops sucking the penis, and starts really liking the balls, I love to feel them wet in her mouth. I´m not the biggest fan of the ball sucking, and sometimes when she do sucks my balls, I´d rather be sucked softly, and have her tong go around them inside her mouth. Girls must really start to realize that when a guy trusts you to have one of them balls inside your mouth right between your teeth... He trusts you. Do it, but go easy on it.

  • I don't because I'm too ticklish down there!

    • Hahahahahaha

    • I wish I was kidding lol

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  • This sounds like fun, I'd like to try it with my bf. Any tips on how to do this?

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