Girls, how long did it take you to have your first orgasm once you started having sex?

and guys too if they can recall when their girlfriend first had an orgasm ha ha :)


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  • Several months. The first time it happened it was with the boy that I'm still with after all these years, actually lol. Most of the guys I had been with before were selfish d***heads who didn't care about me, so they had zero % interest in making the sex enjoyable for me. It was all about me making sex enjoyable for them! And when your not enjoying yourself, your not going to orgasm.

    • Most men are selfish

    • Your welcome! :)

    • Several months! aw I hope it doesn't take that long for me :(thanks for sharing though :)

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  • For my only time having sex it took her about 30 minutes. It was in the missionary position. Her nails cut into my back which was interesting to say the least. It took me almost two hours to orgasm. She got tired and just had me do her doggy style which I found weird. I hope this helps.

  • you should always make sure the woman orgasms!

    • I just keep t real...I enjoy sex with a woman during her period...if questions add me and mmessage me or chat :) have a great day

    • Hahaha you're a good man.

    • I will expand you should give her multiple orgams!! and something else when it is that time of the month you should be giving her orgasms to help with menstrual cramps/ world will be less stressful!!

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  • I orgasmed the first time I had sex. However, there were a few occasions where I just couldn't physically get off, however hard we tried.

  • It took me a having sex a few times probably 6-7 before I orgasmed.

    • Ooo! that's good!

  • It took me years. I think its just harder for some women. But when you have the right partner and you know you're own body it becomes easier. Sometimes you have to speak up and let your partner know what it is that works for you - then it is much more satisfying.