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Boyfriends first time: how long will he take to cum?

If its the first time, isn't it shorter time to take to cum? how long? and well he still be able to tell when its coming?

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  • Depending on his age, it could take less than 2 minutes - and you will both know, because he's going to get this goofy look on his face about 4 seconds before he pops. Don't worry, it'll get better. This is simply Nature's way of ensuring the perpetuation of our race; young men always come pretty quick, because they haven't figured out how to sustain a long-term relationship with a woman. It takes years of failure and suffering before we realize that we will never understand you at all... as we get older, we just accept this, and learn to appreciate your beauty and mystique.

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What Guys Said 5

  • he'll probably know when he's about to cum... its pretty easy to tell.its hard to know how long he would last though... first time usually doesn't last very long at all though.

  • Wow, The first time I got laid, I didn't cum. I mean the girl was really cute but she just laid there in bed (it was pretty lousy, since I was like so this is sex), so I just started hammering away dog and mish trying not to be a 2 min brotha and after f'in her for like 20 mins, she just complained that it was getting really sore for her, and she was getting sweaty and the sh*t just ended (at least she walk with somewhat of a limp the next day). A bit disappointed. Has this every happened to any other guy out there? To answer your question, for the second time, with a girl who wasn't much of a looker but great in bed, around 5 minutes.

  • He's gonna know how it feels when he is cumming, but who knows how long it will take. My first time, I couldn't come at all. Every one is different.

  • He will be able to tell hell last maybe 15 mins.

    • Bullsh*t, the average time it takes to have sex, from penetration to climax, is about 13 minutes over all. To say 15 minutes is a load of crap.

    • I last an hour and a half. Come on man your irish.

What Girls Said 5

  • First time my boyfriend and I had sex it took him about one minute...

    • Did he at least buy you dinner hahahahahahaaaaaaaa ;)

  • One of my friends said theey only lasted about 3 min their first time..so it's normally a very quick process the first few times haha

  • The Average Amount of time a partner has sex is actually 4 - 6 minutes. x] So anyone above that I consider a sex god in my books.

  • umm even if it's his first time he's probably masturbated already and know how it feels

  • He's able to tell usually. As for how long, it's different with every man.

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