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Today I saved my friend's life after she tried to commit suicide but..

Today I was planning on going to workout as I usually do, but for some odd reason my conscience kept telling me to stay home. Before I was about to... Show More

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  • It's amazing that you saved your friend. A part of me wishes I had someone like you when I was in darker times and I think that just by showing you cared, you helped her immensely. Just try to be supportive. Try to be there for her so if she needs help, she can go to you. But if her mind is truly set on death, there is only so much you can do. In the worst case scenario, it is still her choice and her life. Just do the best you can to show her she isn't alone. Hanging out with her and being there in person will help too.

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  • hmm just let her know, how important is she for you and for your friends, just tell her benefits of life, well do you know why she is trying to commit suicide, just find the solutions of her problems and give her your time with lots of fun, maybe she changed her mind.

  • Easy. Don't talk to her about it, because it will go straight through one ear and out the other. Instead, talk to your friends mother. Tell her about your concerns and ask her if there is anything that she would be willing to do, like send her daughter to a psych or something. I think approaching her mother is the best and most effective way to help your friend, because no one else cares about her or would be willing to do more to help her than her own mother.

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  • She seems as if she has hidden issues. Be there for her, and suggest counseling.

  • Be there for her and let her vent

    Suicide is the reaction of insanity of loneliness

    at least that was what it was for me

  • The best thing you could have done is to let her mom know, which you've done, so someone who lives with her can watch out for any unusual behavior on a daily basis. You did a really brave thing by rushing to her house and alerting her mom- which certainly saved her life. It's best not to tell her that you alerted her mom because doing so may prevent her from telling you about suicidal thoughts in the future. I'd try to talk to her to find out what is so bad that life is not worth living anymore, and be there for her 100% like you already are. If she tells you anything that her mom may need to know in order to protect her from herself call her mom- I'm sure she'd understand if you said you wanted to keep the conversation secret. You're not betraying her trust by keeping her mom in the loop, you might be saving her life, again. You should be really proud of yourself, a lot of people wouldn't have known to act that way. Best of luck to you :)

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