Do you like it when a woman squeezes her thighs around ur head during oral/shakes/cums on your mouth or face


This is sort of an embarrassing question, but I'm wondering what men and women think of this behavior during cunnilingus. I have been in three sexual relationships, two with men and one with a woman (BTW I'm a girl). Receiving oral gets me super wet almost instantly, and I find it hard to control myself as I approach my climax, and am usually screaming, moaning, shaking, bucking and sighing when I reach the big O. In particular, I unconsciously clamp my thighs shut on my partner's head once their face is between my legs and they're licking my p*ssy. I also grab them by their hair to bury their face in my p*ssy once they've started going down on me. Would you like it if a girl did this to you, or not? What about the thigh/leg lock around the head?

In addition, I’m not a squirter, but I am naturally very wet/juicy, especially when I’m about to come. When either of my two male lovers were eating me out, both mentioned that I’d been the wettest woman they had ever been with. My female partner also told me I was very slippery (and butterscotch-flavored, too!) Everytime someone’s pleasured me orally in the past, by the time I’ve climaxed, the giver’s face, mouth, neck, chest and hair, and shirt would all be very wet by the end.

Another thing I'm kinda concerned about is the way that I orgasm. Not only am I very loud/vocal when I cum, but when I’m climaxing, my whole body goes into these little seizure-like fits, where my hips start to gyrate, my muscles kinda twitch, I start having little spasms, and I moan and groan lots.

Basically, I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know your opinions on these sexual quirks. Do you have any of these yourself? Or guys(girls too), would you be grossed out if a girl did one of the aforementioned things, or do you find it attractive?



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  • For this, my SO = You.

    Sure. Your reactions are how I "keep score". I will say when the moment comes and you do the head burying/thigh squeezing and flooding out all at once, there can be a breathing issue and I will have to back away for an instant to catch my breath before diving back in. You get quite strong during orgasm and I have to hold on tightly "ride out" the the bucking and convulsions. Under normal conditions, you might be embarrassed by the display but, being lost in the moment, you aren't and we don't talk about it..

    It is surprising how your Vag will expand at orgasm, allowing pursed (like a kiss) lips and tongue to pass inside and how your cervix will sometimes push out to meet it. That is also when the fluid really floods out and changes flavor. When we do 69-oral, with you on top, the flood borders on amazing and I will have to repeatedly gulp the fluid down...maybe half a teacup full, which is certainly not pee (thicker and now tart flavored, a bit like German table wine (!)

    None of this is gross, etc. It is exciting and an intense turn on. You and I laugh when I have to towel my face off afterward. Do not ever worry about this.


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  • Will you get down on your knees suck my **** let my push your head down on it and pull your hair. suck my balls and let me soak you in my cum? Because in that case yes. I guess what I am saying is I can relate to you liking to do this to men because Iike to do it to women so lets trade. Hell to be honest I might let you do that to me even if you didn't return the favor because that sounds hot. As long as you are clean and trimmed I love the taste and smell of pussy, and I feel like it is a win to be buried in it, I consider that as much getting some as intercourse. I love feeling like I am doing a good job. I love feeling like a woman is using me to get off. I feel the same way about a woman riding me really hard like she has some annoying itch in her vagina she needs scratched. Its hot to see a woman caught up in that singular desire to get off we think of as being a male thing and hugely flattering to be your sex toy. I mean don't squeeze my head too hard though I need some mobility to do it right, its hard to see down there and find the right spots, I think men enjoy this for that reason too I know its best not to be "mechanical" about it but giving a woman good cunnilingus is a bit like trying to fix some mechanical problem. As for getting the come in my mouth, what better way to know I am doing it right, its a little shocking at first,t he flavor is strong and irony, from eating various Asian soups and the occasional rare steak(I am not a vampire) I know it tastes a bit like blood. But its definitely hot.

  • i would love that :)

  • Love it.. love the juice.. and I can hold my breathe for hours...

  • Wow ! I was aroused reading this. Nothing gets me off like feeling that my partner is comfortable and completely letting go. The fact that you lose control of your body is a sign of that and I think it's really really hot. I actually had a partner who would have this kind of seizures and would squeeze my head between her legs like this, but it never hurt. It only made me want to go at it more to see how far I could get her. You can be wet all you want or even squirt in my mouth if you want. I like it !

  • Oh I love it! I try to bury my face as deep as I can. It's sooooooo hot!

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  • I love when a sexy boyfriend come over and ask will u have sex with me dat waz my first try dat waz when I was 18 we had sex i waz on top because I like to have control and first he licked my pussy 4 about 20 minutes every time his taster (dats what he called it) flicked out I just said don't stop papi keep going daddy I want more and he said I tasted like strawberries then he kissed me so I tasted myself. Then I gave home a blow job and he slept over we did like 15 more rounds. He stayed over until my parents came back. He stayed for the month my cause parents went on vacation we used condoms of corse and we did what it felt like 50 rounds a day I lost my verginity to him I am now 23 and my avatar is me I sexy az a fuck im still with my bf if u want to know his name his thug name is Smokey I'm not going 2 tell u his real name we I still toget her and when I'm am frustrated I can always count on Smokey to give me a nice long FUCK 💋

  • Personally, I would find this annoying. Maybe it's because I'm a Girl but There is a such a thing as Too Much. And I'm just not a messy eater, I wouldn't want my "neck, chest and hair" wet.

  • I can't speak for men, but I do know I love it when men do that to me. I love it when a man grabs my hair/head when I'm giving oral & humps my mouth like he just can't help it. It turns me on...