Do you like it when a woman squeezes her thighs around ur head during oral/shakes/cums on your mouth or face

Guys/Girls, This is sort of an embarrassing question, but I'm wondering what men and women think of this behavior during cunnilingus. I have been in three sexual relationships, two with men and one with a woman (BTW I'm a girl). Receiving oral gets me super wet almost instantly, and I find it... Show More

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  • For this, my SO = You.

    Sure. Your reactions are how I "keep score". I will say when the moment comes and you do the head burying/thigh squeezing and flooding out all at once, there can be a breathing issue and I will have to back away for an instant to catch my breath before diving back in. You get quite strong during orgasm and I have to hold on tightly "ride out" the the bucking and convulsions. Under normal conditions, you might be embarrassed by the display but, being lost in the moment, you aren't and we don't talk about it..

    It is surprising how your Vag will expand at orgasm, allowing pursed (like a kiss) lips and tongue to pass inside and how your cervix will sometimes push out to meet it. That is also when the fluid really floods out and changes flavor. When we do 69-oral, with you on top, the flood borders on amazing and I will have to repeatedly gulp the fluid down...maybe half a teacup full, which is certainly not pee (thicker and now tart flavored, a bit like German table wine (!)

    None of this is gross, etc. It is exciting and an intense turn on. You and I laugh when I have to towel my face off afterward. Do not ever worry about this.