How to know if your guy is gay?

the question says it all.

Just wondering, some times my guy seems to try so hard to prove to me that he is straight that he seems gay. Like he is sleeping over at his guy friends and I say "so you're sleeping over with him?" and he says "not in the same bed!" like he's trying to hard to prove he is not gay. Well, I find it is unnecessary to say "not in the same bed" because duh, I know he is not gay. Or is he secretly gay? What do you guys think the signs of a in the closet gay person is like? By the way he after his ex, didn't have a girlfriend for like 7 years so do you think during those times he was gay? what do you think?

ok thanks for your answers.


Most Helpful Guy

  • you know he is probably joking when he says those things...