When using the withdrawal method, do most guys manage to pull out completely before they cum?

my boyfriend and I have begun using the withdrawal method because neither of us like condoms. I've just started taking the pill so it hasn't kicked in completely yet. my question is are guys usually able to pull out completely before they come or does a little bit of come usually get inside as well?

k condoms it is till the pill kicks in! thank you all very much! :)


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  • I hate to tell you this, but it's more than likely that some pre-cum or even a squirt seeps out.

    When my wife and I were young, we used to "fool around" like this - and I used to tell her "not to worry about it", because I could "control it". well, 2 months after we were married, she had my first beautiful girl Chloe Claire. long story short, don't bet on this - unless you are SURE it would be okay to get pregnant.


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  • I WAY prefer pulling out to cumming inside her. Back in college I had to use the withdrawal method because sometimes that was all we had. (college is for learning experiences, right?) But then I found I was really good at it. I'm 43 now and never got anybody pregnant. (I got a vasectomy at 35 but still pull out 99% of the time just because it feels better and it's easier to clean it off of her stomach/chest/neck than having it ooze out of her all night long)
    But it all depends on the individual. Some guys freeze up at the point of orgasm. Some guys ejaculate prematurely. But I always pull out completely just as the orgasm begins and it's usually at least 5 seconds after I pull out before the spurting starts.

    • I think more experienced guys are better at the pull out method. Better self control. I can remember having awkward teenage sex and the guys clumsily pulling out at the very last moment. Sometimes I'm sure the first spurt was inside me and it was the second that landed on my stomach.

  • The withdrawal method is NOT reliable!

    His precum contains sperm cells that can get you pregnant!

    And guys might not be able to withdraw before they ejaculate!

    You're risking pregnancy!

  • that is called the kamikaze pull out. it is only 70% or less effective. There is the pre come & a little bit always comes out during sex or any type of foreplay. Wrap it up or wait. it only takes one little swimmer. Why risk it?

    • You know something funny? Kamikaze's are one of my favorite shots :)

      1 ounce Vodka

      1 ounce Triple Sec

      1 ounce Lime Juice


  • withdrawal method doesn't work - precum that happens a lot during actual intercourse contains sperm

  • I've never taken the time to notice it but I read that the pregasm can sometimes release alittle come and intruth while having sex it can happen without any knowledge. honestly though use the condom while your not completely protected though. or try oral sex. but the danger or pregasm release or loss of control, sometimes orgasm can come before one can withdraw or accidently get it right on the tip. try asking the web there's a sight called cool nurse.com that might have some tips

  • it's quite hard to pull out because it feels so good.

    but, there's a thing called pre-cum.

    which comes out of the guy and he does not feel it.

    but it's real come, and it can get you pregnant if you're not wearing a condom

  • ME and my ex used to do this.. well, so she thought.. I was always like.. ill pull out before I cum, but in reality it felt so good to come inside her I could never pull out until the orgasm was almost over LOL, still, she wasn't to know

    • And how did you avoid pregnancy? That was very risky I guess.

    • She is 38, that might have something to do with lack of baby lol

  • stick with condoms better for both of you .

  • the withdraw method is like playing russian roulette eventually your going to take a shot.Id stick to rubbers until the pill takes hold

  • There is going to be a time when pulling out not going to happen, it may not be intentional but its going to happen. One gets caught up in the passion and then pops without withdrawal. Try oral or other things to satisfy yourselves if you dislike condoms that much.

  • My gf and I have been using this method for nearly 8 months now without even a scare. Although we do have plan b nearby in case.

  • maybe somethings wrong with my sperm, or her eggs, but we've been doin the pull out method, kamikaze whatever, for 6 months.and never, never, never had a problem.

    Not that I can honestly recommend it. some people are more fertile than others. depends on age too.


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  • Guess this got covered real good! Not much else to add except better listen to everyone who has responded!

  • i'm glad you're getting condoms. pulling out doesn't work. hell, my friend got pregnant even when she was on the PILL. if the baby wants to come, it'll arrive. be careful. you've been mighty lucky all this time, haha

  • Like everyone else said, this is a terrible idea.

  • Wow, I've known like 3 girls, getting pregnant by using that method. Two words hunny, pre-cum.

    Or is that one word?

  • No not all the time I think they come a little before the big moment.

  • they've all said it, Pre Cum, it lubricates the penis and often has semen in it. I wouldn't be taking that chance if I were you. there are other alternatives to condoms explore all your options. Do not use the withdrawal method.