Can a guy tell if the girl orgasms?

I heard that they can, but I havnt orgasmed any of the times that I've had sex and I'm wondering if he could have been able to tell or not. can girls fake it without them reallizing it? I don't want to hurt my man by having him think he's the reason I can't orgasm.i don't know why I havnt. any advice?

so .approximately how long does it take for an average girl to get fully aroused?


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  • Faking it is's not good for either of you. True relationships should be based on honesty. Most females do not orgasm just from intercourse. There must be clitoral stimulation and whatever else turns the girl on.everyone is different. It's a fact that females require much more foreplay than males to be aroused and lubricated. If males had their choice they would just stick their penis in, thrust a few times, orgasm, and be done---if they don't realize how satisfying it can be to make a girl orgasm. I think it makes them feel more like a man if they know they are capable of it. I also think that if they truly care about you, they want you to have as good a feeling as they did. Did your man try to please you by moving your clitoris and waiting until you were really aroused before penetration? You can always say, wait, slow down, I'm not ready. If he doesn't know what to do, you can take his hand, put it where you want and guide him until he gets the hang of it!

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      +1 Honesty is the best policy.