Can a guy tell if the girl orgasms?

I heard that they can, but I havnt orgasmed any of the times that I've had sex and I'm wondering if he could have been able to tell or not. can girls fake it without them reallizing it? I don't want to hurt my man by having him think he's the reason I can't orgasm.i don't know why I havnt. any advice?

so .approximately how long does it take for an average girl to get fully aroused?


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  • Faking it is's not good for either of you. True relationships should be based on honesty. Most females do not orgasm just from intercourse. There must be clitoral stimulation and whatever else turns the girl on.everyone is different. It's a fact that females require much more foreplay than males to be aroused and lubricated. If males had their choice they would just stick their penis in, thrust a few times, orgasm, and be done---if they don't realize how satisfying it can be to make a girl orgasm. I think it makes them feel more like a man if they know they are capable of it. I also think that if they truly care about you, they want you to have as good a feeling as they did. Did your man try to please you by moving your clitoris and waiting until you were really aroused before penetration? You can always say, wait, slow down, I'm not ready. If he doesn't know what to do, you can take his hand, put it where you want and guide him until he gets the hang of it!

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  • if youve seen her have an orgasm a few times, you can tell if she's faking it or not.

    if you don't clich your muscles together down by your vagina when you orgasm, then I know you're faking.

    same with minor shaking

  • Quite honestly, you should be telling your man that you aren't getting to orgasm so you can start working on it. If you tell him now he won't be as hurt as when you tell him months from now... and you WILL tell him eventually because if you don't he's just gonna keep doing the same old and you'll never orgasm.

  • Yes it is possible to tell if a girl has orgasmed, it's also possible for a girl to fake an orgasm and the guy won't notice.

    As for why you can't orgasm, that's something you need to explore with your boyfriend. It might not be that he's doing something "wrong" but that for you to orgasm you need some more specific things done. Try masturbating and exploring your own body to try and find what you like, then ask him to replicate it.

    • I'm no expert on sexuality and orgasms, but I truly don't think there's much of an average for how long the average woman takes to reach full arousal. I've used this site for a while and from what I read the average is more like a scattershot of a graph.

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  • You can fake an orgasm, but you shouldn't. Once you finally get one the guy will realize you've faked it and it can lead to some major issues. It's one thing to say you're not worried about having one some night, but I never fake.

    You need to discuss this. It's not just your problem or him doing something wrong. First, do you know how to make yourself orgasm? If so, use those tricks. It's hard to have someone else get you off if you don't even know what does it for you. Second, how long have you been having sex with each other? Usually the longer you are together, the more experience you get and the easier it becomes. Third, no crazy positions. The best ones for a woman are missionary and woman-on-top. they allow the best angles and so forth for clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

  • I have also have had orgasm troubles. I didn't have one until my current sexual partner. I had 2 partners before that and neither of them could tell when I faked it. I really don't think its possible for them to tell. However, If you are completely not into it then they will probably be able to tell.

    I actually confessed my inability to have an orgasm to my current partner, and he was slightly offended at first, but then realized that it had nothing to do with his performance. We then worked together to find out what works for me and now everything is super nice for both of us. :) So I don't think he can tell you fake, but my suggestion would be just to talk to him about it and try new positions, until you find one that works for both of you. Hope this helps

  • The only person you hurt by faking an orgasm is yourself. If he thinks he is pleasing you all the time when he isn't you will never be pleased because he feels you are already satisfied. I have never faked an orgasm because I want my man to know when it has been too long in between. If you are faking you should stop so he knows when you are really satisfied and when you are not.

  • It's better to say baby, I just can't.

  • just so you no most of the time we actually don't orgasm during sex.its just natural and if you want him to make you get one then have him give oral afterwards then you will and you won't have to worry about "faking" it so yeah hope I helped

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