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Girls, have you ever tried pointing your feet while having an orgasm?

I just learned about this a few weeks ago, and OMG the intensity of the orgasm is amzing when you point your feet at the same time. I just needed to... Show More

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  • Many girls I've been with do this naturally. Some also wiggle their toes as the intensity leading up to orgasm builds, especially if it's after their first couple of orgasms.I think it has more to do with tensing the leg muscles than anything else...

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  • altought I'm a guy this is sometime a natural reacrion when I climax, I clench my feet and they points forward or forward/inwards until I'm on the verge of a cramp.

  • how can pointing your feet at the same time you climax intensify your orgasm?

    • How it works I don't know, but I know it works.

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    • Yes it can...let me know!

    • okay I will.Can I add you to my friend request if possible,

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  • I suppose I could try it lol

    • You should..you have nothing to loose and a great orgasm to gain!

  • i naturally point my feet up or hold my legs high because depending on what's getting us there at the time, sometimes a slightly different position where you make yourself available for him to go a little deeper can help bring on an orgasm. so if he has more access then it feels better and eventually I orgasm and so does he and this is usually helped along by the position of the legs and yes pointing the feet! also I heard there's a higher chance of women reaching orgasm so long as her feet are warm and not cold...

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