Girls, have you ever had a guy swallow/taste his own cum?

I know it's a bit strange...but I find it to be a huge turn on.

just for the record...i swallow.

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  • guy won't even kiss me after I've swallowed his cum. I don't think he would want to taste it.

    • I just got a lip ring and grew my hair out long actually that's kind of weird..

    • I disagree, I think she looks good. I like the skin tone. Sean likes thighs. Well done Miss

    • well gee, thanks

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  • Never knew a guy to do that.I always told my girls if you don't want to swallow tell him you'll swallow as soon as he drinks all of his come from a glass.It never fails.Guess your guy is really cool with his fluids.

    • Well if those are the terms she doesn't have to swallow. I don't give a sh*t. I just won't come in her mouth.

    • @SnackGGuy come is thicker & has a different texture & is shot out.Girl come isn't depending on the time of the month & spreads outIt's like gluey mucous versus sticky liquid

    • Why do I have to swallow my own? Can't I swallow what comes out of your vag for it to be equal?

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