Girls what gives you the best orgasms?

Is it a big penis? Vigorous f***ing? being in love? a good rhythm? masturbating? vibrators? A combination of one or more of these? Which ones? If its a combo, please comment.

  • Vote A A vigorous f***ing gives me the best orgasms.
  • Vote B Masturbation gets me off the hardest orgasms.
  • Vote C I need a big **** to give me the best orgasms.
  • Vote D Biggest orgasms come from being in love.
  • Vote E Vibrators can't be matched for the best orgasms.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Skill and hitting our g-spot. It's diff in every girl where the g-spot is, but it's fun to look for.

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      so love is not a requirement?

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      I know I don't need love to have an amazing orgasm but others might not feel the same.

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