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Best friend with benefits

I've become very close to a guy friend I've known for over 3 years. Actually, we're practically best friends since we share almost everything with... Show More

Ironic that a guy I met recently has asked me out. It's still early on, but there'll be a second date! I've been single for over 2 years (3 year relationship prior to that), so maybe I've just felt the need to be with someone. Funny how timing works out.
My 'Best friend' has also been asking lots of questions about this new guy I've been seeing too. lol. The sadistic part of me gets pleasure out of telling him how cute I think he is, and how ambitious and smart he is (qualities I don't see in my bff)

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  • Yeah, I think being f*** buddies with your best friend makes things too complicated. Now that you've had sex so much I don't think that you'll ever have a real relationship. It never turned to one in the past and most likely won't in the future. Sex has been free to your FWB with no commitment for so long and I doubt very much he's going to ever want a commitment with you now.

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  • The easy part of your question: FWB+BF=Bad Idea. The emotional distance you have with a booty call is EXACTLY the kind of emotional distance you do not, cannot have with your best friend. Remember: it you wanted a relationship with them, you'd date them.

    The hard part of your question is: You have a good emotional relationship with this guy, you have a good sexual relationship with this guy, what to do?

    Date him. You get along in every important way, so there's not really much there to go wrong.

    I thought I had reasons why maybe you shouldn't date him, but the more I thought, the more I realized that the reasons were all bad. Relocation plans? Move them. Your old friendship? Lose it. What if you fall in love? Won't kill you.

    Your real problem here is cold feet, and I have learned--the hard way--that it's an awful reason to run from love.

What Girls Said 3

  • It's really hard to be physically intimate with someone with being somewhat emotionally intimate as well. Especially being a woman, we are just emotional creatures. With men, they tend to get territorial with the women they are sleeping with, despite what was agreed upon before.

    You know yourself better than anyone and you seem reluctant to pursue this relationship, go with your intuition. I believe there is a fine line between very good guy friends and boyfriends. You get along with him, you are comfortable with him - whose to say that throwing in the proverbial bone won't make you want it all?

    If being in a relationship is bad timing for you - forgo the physical relationship. The timing is bad, he claims he doesn't want a relationship and most importantly - you want to find someone you can marry. He doesn't sound like that one.

  • Being FWB and being friends.is very complicated! Men tend to say what they mean.and he's told you, your not his type! So.if a sexual relationship is what you seek, then go for it! Remembering the ramifications could be the lose of a real friend. Women need emotional stuff, men need physical things, someone will not get what they need in the end! From what you have said, he feels physical ly comfortable with you, talking about toys etc and experimenting with them. Most relationships aren't like that at all.so just bear in mind, what it is that you want out of this scenerio but your walking a thin line! Think with your brain and look at the situation realistically.you will find the answers within yourself!

  • Ok, I'm going through a similar situation. I don't want a relationship, I just want my needs met. I have way too much going on for a relationship and don't want to get tied down. BUT I'm not like most girls, I don't get emotionally attached to everyone I hook up with, especially if I know going into it that it will not be anything more than sex. If you want to keep having sex, keep on, but always remember that he said up front you weren't his type and do not look for any type of relationship out of this.

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