What is the difference between having an average "size" guy versus a lesbian in the bedroom?

Girls tell average "size" guys they should learn to use fingers and tongue to overcome their size problem. So, why even have a guy in the bedroom? You could have a lesbian lover and not have to put up with guy issues either--sounds like it'd be better to me. Am I wrong?

FYI, this isn't an insecurity question on my part. I get amused reading through questions and answers and this thought occurred to me while reading answers to other guys asking "is it ok?" I just realized these guys were essentially being told to make love like a lesbian would, so I wanted to pose the question to see what you guys would say when it was put to you in that context. I tend to twist psychology a little to be provocative and incite dialogue. I apologize if that annoys some.


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  • Okay, I'm not even going to answer this question, since for a lot of people sex is in combination with relationship, which means love. You can't force yourself a lesbian. And more important for girls as for guys, if I can believe a lot of GAG members, is being attracted to the person doing it. So if you like guys, girls are not going to be an option. ANd I did answer, did I. LOL

    Anyway, I think you guys make a whole lot of trouble about the "girls complaining about size", but let's throw to the table what's on your list of "I'd date her". Those ideas aren't okay, from both sexes, but I guess that since are main goal in life is finding a good mate since we have animal origins, it's normal. Although you'd say evolution should take us further then those primitive ideas...

    So STOP asking "size" questions, cause it kind of sucks to have to answer them reassuring every time. I understand it sucks, I'm a teenage girl so hell I know what it is to be insecure, but get over it, cause that's what you guys keep telling us.

    • Didn't mean for this to be another size question per se. Read my update why I posed it. Thanks for your answer that you didn't mean to give...lol

    • Sorry, just answered a few others and it pisses me off since so many girls starve themselves to death because their boyfriends think their fat while the guys at GAG whine about their penis size. It just seems wrong.

    • I completely get it. I too have starved my whole life to not be the fat guy--even though I have been that guy often. So, I get it. I just like quirky questions, didn't mean harm by it. Thanks again...

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  • Yep, you're wrong.

    I don't like women, and I don't want to have to sleep with one.

    • Not even just a little bit? LOL. My girl got really turned on in a hotel when a girl/girl scene came on the free playboy channel. Then, she was so embarrassed she got so turned on. It was funny. Again, I like to try quirky questions with a twist on old themes, that's all. Thanx!

  • Um.. But most of us heterosexuals don't find girls attractive in a way that we want to be with them physically. I don't want to sleep with a woman, not ever. :/ Your logic is just bizarre.

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    • No, that's not weird at all.

    • Thanks, I had hoped I was the "normal" one. :-)

  • being average is not like having no d***. Average feels just fine, if you were only 2 inches, that'd be a problem but average is good. What are you worrying about?

    Even assuming you had no d***, having sex with a guy would still feel better than with a girl because your bigger and stronger.

    • I'm not worried, read my update. I'm interested in the psychology dynamic in these questions and I thought this was a point worth clarifying. Thanks for helping out :-)

  • Well I'm straight soooo...I would much rather have a penis pleasure me no matter what the size.

    • You're my kind of girl! ;-) thanx!

    • :) no problem

  • Ok the oral and stuff does feel good but sometimes ya just need a bit more and the "size" doesn't matter as much as the fact that it's there :) that's the way I see it anyway

    • Thanks! I'm hoping some of those guys read this as I've heard them say it before "am I not any more than a lesbian?" So these answers hopefully will clarify that for them. Good answer :-)

  • LOL, besides the fact that one is a male & the other is a female...

    • Not necessarily, I've always felt I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body! LOL ;-)

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  • Theres more to a guy than his d*** size... mainly his confidence and masculinity physically and mentally

    • So true. My goal was to show the ladies how sometimes their well intentioned answers get twisted in an insecure guys mind. Maybe by this feedback they can better word their reassuring answers. The answers given above are better than most answers posted to the "Am I an OK size" questions. The guys want to hear they are DESIRABLE, not that they have a handicap to overcome.

  • There is a big difference because they're attracted to men.

    Using your logic guys shouldn't know the difference between oral or anal with a man or woman.

    • You mean there is a difference? LOL. Funny thing about the internet is I know how screwy it sounds when I post it but I want other people to see that. But, since we don't know each other, I come across as just another size insecure numbnut but as long as the point is made that's OK. Thanx for answering!