Is it true that when a guy cums inside you, you smell bad?

Is it true that when a guy cums inside you, you smell bad?


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  • I wouldn't say it's a bad smell lol, it's just different because it's a combination of your fluids and his. I know what I smell like, and I know what his semen smells like, and I know what they smell like together. I don't really notice it too much unless I have some on my hand or something. Throw in some sweat, and it's the 'smell of sex' people always talk about. =P

    After laying around and catching my breath for a few minutes, I like to go pee and clean up right away. The gooey sensation is a turn-on at first, but it gets kind of uncomfortable after a while, so I don't like to let it sit for too long. Doing some kegels in the bathroom gets the majority of it out, then wipe it down and maybe give a quick rinse or take a full shower if you're still uncomfortable with it, and you're pretty much back to normal. I smell like 'myself' again by the time I get up and use the bathroom again, generally, whether it be in the morning or like 4 hours later. If you pass out and don't clean up or rinse until the next day, then yes there will be a lingering smell, but it goes away once you rinse as best you can, and wash the outside like usual, because the vagina takes care of itself.

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      i think you hit the nail on the werent downing here an yet you gave a good solution to her problem...thumbs up for not making her feel