Is it true that when a guy cums inside you, you smell bad?

Is it true that when a guy cums inside you, you smell bad?


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  • I wouldn't say it's a bad smell lol, it's just different because it's a combination of your fluids and his. I know what I smell like, and I know what his semen smells like, and I know what they smell like together. I don't really notice it too much unless I have some on my hand or something. Throw in some sweat, and it's the 'smell of sex' people always talk about. =P

    After laying around and catching my breath for a few minutes, I like to go pee and clean up right away. The gooey sensation is a turn-on at first, but it gets kind of uncomfortable after a while, so I don't like to let it sit for too long. Doing some kegels in the bathroom gets the majority of it out, then wipe it down and maybe give a quick rinse or take a full shower if you're still uncomfortable with it, and you're pretty much back to normal. I smell like 'myself' again by the time I get up and use the bathroom again, generally, whether it be in the morning or like 4 hours later. If you pass out and don't clean up or rinse until the next day, then yes there will be a lingering smell, but it goes away once you rinse as best you can, and wash the outside like usual, because the vagina takes care of itself.

    • i think you hit the nail on the werent downing here an yet you gave a good solution to her problem...thumbs up for not making her feel

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  • No, it's not true.

    • how do you know? you don't own a vagina. I'm talking from experience. Yes it does smell different.

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    • I LOL'd so much at conspiracy against littleviolet.

    • There is a smell! I never said it's putrid but I know it's different to my "normal" smell. Google it, you will find lots of women have this problem & other girls on here also said it happens to them. Maybe it's only from uncircumcised men. But it does happen! Its a cheesy smell & it doesn't matter if I have a shower afterward. It takes a while for my vagina to smell "normal" again.

  • No? why would it lol, I guess different guys come is probably going to smell different but for the most part I don't think it would make you smell, if anything than only temporarily

  • Looks like all of the other girl here are working together to down rate people, who dare say their p**** smells putrid. After a load of cum. They want to hide it so they seem pristine. hahahaha

  • Heh! Heh! I am glad to see that EVERYONE agrees! Evidently some smell and some don't? I have never noticed that..and while I am not female...I share a bed with one almost every night for the last 16 years...

  • I've had sex the day with my girlfriend the day after she had come inside her (she's on birth control btw). She didn't smell any different at all.

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  • That is ridiculous! Some normal hygene practices such as a shower or bath after sex, plus the natural clensing that takes place within our vagina's removes those sperm cells before they rot and smell. Under normal circumstances only a person who does not take care of themselves might possibably have this problem

    • Like the girls below

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    • The natural cleaners don't work as soon as it's happened it's still there the next day

    • I never once suggested you douche. Nor did any of the other ladies here. Stop using the "I can't douche" as an argument, because no one has said you have to.

  • It smells different, but I wouldn't say bad.

  • Not that I've noticed?! :o)

  • Yes, it's horrible. It's from the mixture inside you combining with his. It depends on the guy though because some have come that smells horrible and some that don't smell at all.

  • from my expierence it only starts to smell if you leave it in there over night, but then goes away after you shower. You have to clean yourself of course, but it shouldn't really be an issue

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